Friday, 22 Mar 2019


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01 Feb 2016 Blog 70 & Up
05 Feb 2016 News GCA: Uptick in Severe Infections in First Year
12 Feb 2016 News Relapse Common in ANCA-Associated Vasculitis
15 Feb 2016 Social CMS extends the 2015 EHR meaningful use attestation deadline to March 29.
18 Feb 2016 News CBC Hidden Pearls
19 Feb 2016 Social Rotator cuff reviewed. Early surgery for young, active, Sx pts. Poor results w/ age, comorbidity & severe tears
26 Feb 2016 News Calling a Doctor by His or Her First Name
28 Feb 2016 Social No Sunshine act for Justice Scalia. His last trip to Texas was "sponsored" just like 14 others in 2014.
29 Feb 2016 Social @psufka @RonanTKavanagh @PhilipGardiner @DrBhana Great article on Apps for daily medical practice, read, research, organization from masters
03 Mar 2016 News Muscle Weakness Predicts Disability in Scleroderma
18 Mar 2016 News Does Your Hospital Staff Include a Donald Trump?
04 Apr 2016 Blog Midlife Plateau
18 Apr 2016 Blog A New Look at Old Pictures
22 Apr 2016 News Doctors Need to See the Forest, Not Just the Trees
28 Apr 2016 Blog RheumNow Anniversary Perspective
09 May 2016 Blog The Errors that Underlie 'Medical Errors' in the News
14 May 2016 Social "those who torment us for our own good will torment us w/out end...& do so w/ the approval of their own conscience"
01 Jun 2016 Social FDA rules to lower Salt content by manufacturers & resturants - decreasing daily Na intake from 3.4 to 2.3g/d.
04 Jun 2016 Social "I'm so mean I make medicine sick". Muhammad Ali. RIP
06 Jun 2016 Slide of the day Clinic Evaluation Form