Thursday, 24 Aug 2017


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30 Sep 2015 Social Primary erythromelagia review: Affects <1/100,000 w/ recurrent burning pain, warmth & redness
28 Sep 2015 Social Free ICD-10 code translater and last minute ICD-10 suggestions
27 Sep 2015 Social Should physicians communicate with patients by Email? RheumNow covers this issue with recomendations
25 Sep 2015 Social Rheums should market themselves & what pts they see; w/ peers, pts, in news & online. Dr Cush blogs on the challenge
25 Sep 2015 Social Review of Krill oil - same EPA & DHA of fish oil; touted for hyperlipidemia & arthritis, but krill may be 30x more $$
25 Sep 2015 Social In Flight Medical Emergencies and the physician. Get prepared for your next trip.
24 Sep 2015 News Answering Patient Emails
23 Sep 2015 Social "You can observe a lot by watching" Yogi Berra (1925-2015)
22 Sep 2015 Blog Marketing 101
18 Sep 2015 Social IMS report on patient adoption of mobile apps for self health.
18 Sep 2015 Social Recovery after exercise goes beyond stretching; mental recovery being the hardest @DrPetryna
18 Sep 2015 News ACR Position on MOC Highlighted in Newsweek
16 Sep 2015 Social 2012 NHANES shows that 12-14% of US adults have diabetes & prevalence of prediabetes is 37- 38%
15 Sep 2015 News Funding for Rheumatology Research in Decline
14 Sep 2015 Social CRISPR/Cas9 used to edit the genome of the JC polyoma virus and may be potential Rx for PML in the future.
11 Sep 2015 News Arthritis and Poverty: Chicken or Egg?
10 Sep 2015 Blog Wine and the rheumatologist: required reading
05 Sep 2015 Social Alcohol use during pregnancy is pervasive in UK, Ireland, N Zealand & Australia (20-80%), predicted by smoking.
03 Sep 2015 Social NEJM In-Flight Emergencies reviewed; odds are 1/600 (only 0.3% end up in death); includes fainting 27%, SOB12%, MI 8%
03 Sep 2015 Blog Time to Listen