Tuesday, 17 Sep 2019


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09 Jun 2015 Social Dr Sharpe gives great pointers on how to give 4-star PPT presentations - preparation, no podium, presence,slide rules http://t.co/WB7D7fVzbO
26 Mar 2018 Social TB in USA continues to decline, in 2017, there were 9,093 new cases TB = an incidence rate of 2.8 cases per 100,000. TB is 15 times higher among non–U.S.-born persons (compared to U.S.-born persons) https://t.co/Jj30Pv3CFW
29 Feb 2016 Social @psufka @RonanTKavanagh @PhilipGardiner @DrBhana Great article on Apps for daily medical practice, read, research, organization from masters
24 Jan 2019 Social QD lessons from the Clinic - The "No Show" patient | RheumNow - https://t.co/olslXtzmvZ
14 Aug 2017 Social RT @DrAiLynTan: 2030 projected #obesity rates for USA, Mexica, England, Canada, Spain, France, Switzerland, Italy, Korea https://t.co/2yfAD…
21 Mar 2017 Social In last 12 yrs safety reports to FDA grown from 206,000 to 1.2 million in 2015; consumers account for 55% of reports https://t.co/z1Q7zIgIh8
06 May 2018 Social The FDA may be getting into the EHR business; FDA has requested $100 million in FY2019 for an EHR initiative to evaluate the safety of regulated products. THis would connect patient safety and outcomes directly to the FDA. https://t.co/DuNorLFKr4
18 Dec 2017 Social Every week I see ridiculous new Rheum study proposals that I think were written by a skilled RN (who doesnt know enough) and an MD who thinks he knows everything (sadly, often not a rheumatologist).
25 Sep 2015 Social In Flight Medical Emergencies and the physician. Get prepared for your next trip. http://t.co/9eCepGOxc0
01 Sep 2017 Social Untreated Sleep apnea increases free fatty acids, glucose, cortisol and blood pressure during sleep. https://t.co/57Tuclbu4u
22 May 2017 Social Dr E Nigel Harris honored by Caribbean Association for Rheumatology at CAR annual mtg for his work in rheumatology https://t.co/o56Ro0vuaa
15 Jul 2018 Social Podcast of the RheumNow Week in Review 7/13/18) can be found at iTunes, Stitcher (android phones) or here https://t.co/8Jo0PKjNld.
21 Jul 2019 Social Nearly half of Americans believe that the U.S. health care and health care providers are not compassionate. Studies show less than half of physicians and clergy exhibit compassion. (from COMPASSIONOMICS by Trseciak & Mazzarelli) https://t.co/z0F7Ql5oR3
22 Jan 2018 Social Only 44% of Scottish patients referred to rheumatology are seen within 12 weeks. https://t.co/RWVgVwdtWu
20 Oct 2015 Social No one goes there anymore - to do hospital consults that is. Dr. Cush ponders why https://t.co/Xqy1X0lOwa
30 Sep 2017 Social With Brexit, the EMA will have to leave London & UK - Where will it end up? https://t.co/anVGLRu6zs
10 Aug 2018 Social RT @EricTopol: Debunking salt science: "Arguments put forward about the relation between salt and cardiovascular disease reflect a stance t…
12 Feb 2018 Social How to choose a doctor and get the most from your appointments A doctor's guide to having a good doctor's appointment https://t.co/mW14gW99MJ
05 Aug 2016 Social RT @philipcrobinson: Really excellent article from the Harvard Bus Rev on how to fix payments/outcomes for the US health system https://t.c…
29 Sep 2016 Social RT @kevinmd: Doctor, take that patient’s call https://t.co/UZP1YMfHP0 https://t.co/p8MrvbWeBb