Tuesday, 17 Sep 2019


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21 Feb 2018 Social Checkout the #RWCS video by Dr. Uma Mahadevan (from UCSF) as she provides gastroenterology pearls for rheumatologists at the 2018 RWCS meeting in Maui. https://t.co/6HlzMPhZxS
20 Feb 2018 Social Checkout #RWCS video by Dr. Martin Bergman on disease activity measures in rheumatology. https://t.co/WxvN5VX1tF
18 Feb 2018 Social RT @EricTopol: Since I began med school, #healthcare grew to become the #1 business in the #US. Here are a few metrics that convey the chan…
18 Feb 2018 Social RT @uptoTate: Listen to your patients! They are trying to tell you what’s really going on. @RheumNow https://t.co/Uh7yTq6p4x
15 Feb 2018 Social Cambridge study shows that hand thermoregulation is more dependant on muscle mass and not fat - this may be why more women than men bothered by "cold hands" https://t.co/j5zCt3ntW8
12 Feb 2018 Social How to choose a doctor and get the most from your appointments A doctor's guide to having a good doctor's appointment https://t.co/mW14gW99MJ
12 Feb 2018 Social Actress Kristen Bell said the reason she hasn't gotten the flu is - " I wash my hands alot and I dont touch the kids"
12 Feb 2018 Social RT @uptoTate: Rheumatology endoscopy considerations by Dr. Uma Mahadevan #RWCS @RheumNow https://t.co/HAvFB1qKWD
12 Feb 2018 Social RT @uptoTate: SIBO review. Dr. U. Mahadevan #RWCS @RheumNow https://t.co/HkLjvODg4q
12 Feb 2018 Social RT @uptoTate: Procedure risks with anti-coagulation therapies. Dr. U. Mahadevan #RWCS @RheumNow https://t.co/9rgGK5DSvb
12 Feb 2018 Social RT @uptoTate: Vegetarian and gluten free diets associated with decreased QOL. Dr. U. Mahadevan #RWCS @RheumNow https://t.co/3U2Vekht1A
11 Feb 2018 ACR Video Dr. Leslie Bilello: Emergency Medicine Pearls
10 Feb 2018 Social RT @uptoTate: Dr. Hahn reminds us about burnout! #RWCS @RheumNow https://t.co/8AbwUwnDGo
10 Feb 2018 Social RT @uptoTate: Telemedicine and telehealth differences highlights by Dr. O. Troum #RWCS @RheumNow https://t.co/w8vmPdQBu8
09 Feb 2018 Social Dr. Orrin Troum $99 per visit Telemedicine at Duane Reed pharmacies in NYC (partnership with Columbia Presbterian).#RWCS https://t.co/edT8tR1UPp
09 Feb 2018 Social Dr. Orrin Troum cool lecture on Telemedicine and telehealth. Covered by Medicaid, most started, most insurers, but restrictions with Medicare #RWCS https://t.co/BCd1FbxC7G
09 Feb 2018 Social RT @uptoTate: The future of rheumatology! #RWCS @RheumNow https://t.co/TRxLscFdOF
05 Feb 2018 Social Gastrointestinal perforations are increased with steroids, IL-6 inhibitors, Jak inhibitors - review by Jagpal and Curtis. https://t.co/Tq4VEDxdOE
04 Feb 2018 Social Study shows that annual influenza vaccination 31% effective in preventing hospitalization for Flu, 74% effective at preventing ICU admissin and 70% effective at preventing deaths from the flu. https://t.co/qnIAwG04LT
04 Feb 2018 Social RT @TedJacksonPhoto: In 1990, a homeless man looked me in the eye and said, "You aught to do a story about me." I asked him why. "Because…