Tuesday, 20 Mar 2018


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06 Dec 2016 Social Dr. Eric Topol has a rough go of it w/ PT after knee replacment. https://t.co/blNZZl6ifg
06 Dec 2016 Blog The Rheumatologist’s Rubaiyat: A Mug of Coffee, a Loaf of Bread and Thou Beside Me (Part 2)
05 Dec 2016 Blog The Rheumatologist’s Rubaiyat: A Mug of Coffee, a Loaf of Bread and Thou Beside Me (Part 1)
29 Nov 2016 Social @_jajenkins @FawnHoganMD A) a great approach to expanding medical use of social media and B) great production of Journal Club others to copy
29 Nov 2016 Blog Early Rheumatology: The Contributions of Max Hirsch, MD
23 Nov 2016 Social Dr. Calabrese ponders how the Microbiome and Natural Wines are connected. Wine & the Rheumatologist is back! https://t.co/cRkEaU7LA3
23 Nov 2016 Social RT @DeloitteHealth: These 10 #innovations have the potential to transform the #healthcare system at large. https://t.co/5WXs2wQCYe #cmotoday
17 Nov 2016 Social RT @psufka: Heading home. Safe travels everyone! Outstanding meeting as always @ACRheum! Great to catch up with friends from across the glo…
14 Nov 2016 ACR Video Dr. Tajvur Saber: Why RheumNow is "Brilliant"
12 Nov 2016 ACR Video Dr. Raphael Kieval: Why I Read RheumNow
12 Nov 2016 ACR Video Dr. Juma Al Kaabi: Why I Read RheumNow
25 Oct 2016 Social Everything will be alright in the end; & if it’s not alright, then it’s not yet the end.Prescribing Hope in Medicine https://t.co/7CHXGJBuuA
18 Oct 2016 Blog Reboot Your Digital Self: Part Two
17 Oct 2016 Social Merck and Aetna inked deal to link rebates for Januvia & Janumet to treatment outcomes in type 2 diabetes https://t.co/xZdairH2xs
11 Oct 2016 Social RT @AcademicsSay: To err is human. To err repeatedly is research.
10 Oct 2016 Social RT @Omicsjournals: Seeking px w #RheumatoidArthritis who R considering #biologics. Can we get a RT? @MGH_MSUS @RA_information @RheumNow htt…
09 Oct 2016 Social If you spot a stranger w/ classic habitus & gait of Ankylosing spondylitis - do you approach & tell them the dx or do you keep it 2 yourself
29 Sep 2016 Social RT @kevinmd: Doctor, take that patient’s call https://t.co/UZP1YMfHP0 https://t.co/p8MrvbWeBb
28 Sep 2016 Blog Georgia Society of Rheumatology: Education Leads the Way
06 Sep 2016 News EMRs Causing Physician Burnout