Friday, 20 Oct 2017


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22 Oct 2015 News U.S. Pays 10 Times More for Prescription Drugs than Other Countries
21 Oct 2015 Blog ACR Annual Meeting and Wine: San Francisco via Sicily
20 Oct 2015 Social No one goes there anymore - to do hospital consults that is. Dr. Cush ponders why
19 Oct 2015 Slide of the day Febrile Disorders
15 Oct 2015 Blog Jiffy Joint and Rheumatology Retail Clinics
13 Oct 2015 Social RT @medicalaxioms: Little Miss Muffet Sat on a tuffet And suffered from ICD-10 code: F40.210
13 Oct 2015 News ICD-10 Headlines
06 Oct 2015 News Healthcare Consumer Engagement Increasing
05 Oct 2015 Blog Wine and the rheumatologist: reflections from EULAR (part 1)
02 Oct 2015 News Physicians Bash Meaningful Use at Open Forum
02 Oct 2015 News Strange ICD-10 Codes
02 Oct 2015 Blog Top 5 and Bottom 5 Clinic Tools
30 Sep 2015 News ICD-10: Preparing for the Next Y2K
30 Sep 2015 Social Primary erythromelagia review: Affects <1/100,000 w/ recurrent burning pain, warmth & redness
28 Sep 2015 Social Free ICD-10 code translater and last minute ICD-10 suggestions
27 Sep 2015 Social Should physicians communicate with patients by Email? RheumNow covers this issue with recomendations
25 Sep 2015 Social Rheums should market themselves & what pts they see; w/ peers, pts, in news & online. Dr Cush blogs on the challenge
25 Sep 2015 Social Review of Krill oil - same EPA & DHA of fish oil; touted for hyperlipidemia & arthritis, but krill may be 30x more $$
25 Sep 2015 Social In Flight Medical Emergencies and the physician. Get prepared for your next trip.
24 Sep 2015 News Answering Patient Emails