Friday, 20 Oct 2017


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19 Oct 2017 News Tofacitinib Scores in TNF inhibitor Resistant Psoriatic Arthritis
18 Oct 2017 News Stelara FDA Approved for Use in Adolescent Psoriasis
16 Oct 2017 News Spinal X-ray Inhibition in Ankylosing Spondylitis Best Achieved by Control of Activity
16 Oct 2017 Social Population survey found psoriasis/PsA in 1.4-3.3%; Nearly 1/2 not seeing MD or stopped biologic for safety/no effect
16 Oct 2017 Social Looking at 2 different datasets, having PsA confers a 30+% risk of Cardiovascular dz
16 Oct 2017 Social Corrona study 1,567 PsA shows patients w/ dactylitis or enthesitis had more Dz activity, Pain, Fatigue, low work,HAQ
11 Oct 2017 Social RT @DrAiLynTan: Important comorbidities to look out for & manage in #psoriatic arthritis via Dr Vinod Chandran #BSRaut17 #Leeds #medical #r…
06 Oct 2017 Social In 7-15% PSA precedes Pso;In remainder, median time from PSO dx to PsA is 7-8yrs. <75% get PsA w/in 10-15 yrs of PsO
04 Oct 2017 News Alcohol Related Deaths Increased in Psoriasis
29 Sep 2017 Social Higher MASEI (enthesitis) scores in PsA assoc w/ more Jt damage, ankylosis, arthritis mutilans periostitis, axial Dz
28 Sep 2017 News Psoriasis Increases Risk of Major Adverse Cardiovascular Events
15 Sep 2017 Social CHMP recommends IL-23 inhibitor Guselkumab for use in adults w/ Plaque Psoriasis. EMA decision to follow.
06 Sep 2017 News Psoriasis Doubles Mortality Risk
06 Sep 2017 Social Psoriasis pruritus seen in >80%; metaanalysis 13 trials shows Anti Il-17, JAK inhib, ADA, apremilast reduce pruritus
06 Sep 2017 Social Minimal Dz Activity in PsA (SJC/TJC<1, PASI<1, HAQ<0.5) achieved in 45-49% @6 mos Rx w/ infliximab or golimumab IV
28 Aug 2017 Social See what Drs. Mease, Gibofsky, Cush have to say about FDA hearing on Tofacitinib for Psoriatic Arthritis
23 Aug 2017 News IV Golimumab Shines in Psoriatic Arthritis
22 Aug 2017 News Therapeutic Update: 5 Questions on FDA Hearing for Tofacitinib in PsA
14 Aug 2017 News Psoriatic Arthritis Patients with Comorbidities have Worse Disease and Poor Responses
04 Aug 2017 News FDA Arthritis Advisory Panel Endorses Tofacitinib Approval for Psoriatic Arthritis