Friday, 21 Feb 2020


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16 Jun 2015 Social Prevalence of undiagnosed PsA in psoriasis patients is between 10.1-15.5% based on literature review.
18 Jun 2015 Social Arthritis mutilans review & defined:digital telescoping/shortening, flail jts, xray resorption, pencil-in-cup change
20 Jun 2015 Social RT @RheumatologyMD: Update on the role of Interleukin 17 in rheumatologic autoimmune diseases. #rheum #bidmc
21 Jun 2015 News Psoriatic Arthritis Occurs in 10-15% of Psoriasis Patients
21 Jun 2015 News NICE Judges Apremilast Less Cost Effective than TNF Inhibitors
22 Jun 2015 News Inflammatory Ocular Disease in US Veterans
23 Jun 2015 Social 36 AS pts w/ reduced FVC were Rx w/ DMARDs or TNFi. After 2yrs, 80% TNFi improved their FVC (only 55% w/ DMARD Rx)
29 Jun 2015 News FUTURE 2 Trial Shows Secukinumab to be Effective in Psoriatic Arthritis
30 Jun 2015 News Ustekinumab Bests TNF Inhibitors for Biologic Survival in Psoriasis
01 Jul 2015 News Ustekinumab Efficacy in Psoriatic Arthritis: 2 Year SUMMIT Trial Results
01 Jul 2015 Blog Across the Table: Cush & Schwartzman on Uveitis
01 Jul 2015 News TNF inhibitors in Early Axial SpA Spares NSAID Use
02 Jul 2015 Social Ixekizumab (anti-IL17) is superior to Enbrel in 1224 pts w/ plaque psoriasis (UNCOVER-2) w/ rapid decr in itch scores
04 Jul 2015 Social Across the Table: Cush & Schwartzman Discuss Management of Uveitis | RheumNow
07 Jul 2015 News What's Your Diagnosis? Hand Arthritis in 57 year old Man
07 Jul 2015 Social Lancet reviews IL-17 inhibition in #PsA Psoriatic Arthritis
08 Jul 2015 News Brodalumab Backlash
09 Jul 2015 News Guselkumab Tops Adalimumab in Psoriasis Trial
10 Jul 2015 Social Corticosteroid injx not more effective in plantar fasciitis compared to PBO, platelet-rich plasma or tenoxicam
10 Jul 2015 Social Algorithmic approach to the diagnosis of Heel Pain based on pain location, quality from AFP