Wednesday, 18 Oct 2017


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08 Mar 2017 Social Nemolizumab (humanized anti-IL-31 receptor A mAb) shown to be effected in atopic dermatitis in NEJM paper
07 Mar 2017 Social AAD reports that Taltz was superior to Stelara in plaque Pso w/ PASI-100 scores of 49.3% vs 23.5% (P<0.001) @WK16 24
07 Mar 2017 Social Global projects PsA market will show strong growth (CAGR 10.74%; morethan RA) w/ $4.5B in 2015 to >$12.5B by 2025
06 Mar 2017 News TNF Inhibitor Therapy and the Risk of Anterior Uveitis Recurrence
06 Mar 2017 Social 461 pts w/ plaque psoriasis in CIMPASI1&2 studies whowed PASI75 of 76-83% @400q2wk, 66-81% @200mg. 6.5-11% PBO @wk16
28 Feb 2017 News Obesity Associated with Late-Onset Psoriatic Arthritis
27 Feb 2017 Social In TNFi failure RA patients Secukinumab is modestly better than PBO (~30% vs 18%) but not as good as ABAtacept (43%)
24 Feb 2017 Social Study of >43K Pso, PsA, AS pts shows 14-34% increase risk for depression; but not for suicide or suicidal ideation.
23 Feb 2017 News DMARD Switching in Psoriatic Arthritis
18 Feb 2017 Social #rwcs2017 tofacitinib performs very well in refractory psoriatic arthritis, results from OPAL trial presented at A…
18 Feb 2017 Social #rwcs2017 Dr Kavanaugh shows RCT where apemilast does well against etanercept in psoriasis.
17 Feb 2017 Social RT @DrRachelTate: Non-radiographic axSpA - younger, female, but similar socioeconomic/qol impact as AS Eric Ruderman,MD #rwcs2017 @RWCS…
17 Feb 2017 Social RT @DrRachelTate: Tofa as an option for AS? No FDA indication but a potential off label option. E. Ruderman MD #rwcs2017 @RWCSmtg @RheumNow…
17 Feb 2017 Social RT @DrRachelTate: RAPID3 as a potential useful tool for PsA. Arthur Kavanaugh, MD and Eric Ruderman, MD #rwcs2017 @RWCSmtg @RheumNow https:…
16 Feb 2017 News Valeants Brodalumab FDA Approved for Psoriasis
15 Feb 2017 Social FDA approves the IL-17 Tx Siliq (brodalumab;Valeant) for mod-severe plaque psoriasis.Comes w/ black box for suicide
13 Feb 2017 News The High Cost of Psoriatic Arthritis
12 Feb 2017 Social Fecal calprotectin commonly followed in IBD. 204 AS pts 2/3 had high levels: fell w/ TNFi, not NSAID;1.5% got Crohns
06 Feb 2017 News Modest Efficacy for Methotrexate in Psoriasis
05 Feb 2017 Social Study of Pregnant Psoriatic arthritis women shows skin tends to do well, but joint may worsen in upto 40%.