Monday, 24 Feb 2020


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11 Aug 2015 Blog Notes from the 2015 SPARTAN Meeting
13 Aug 2015 News Psoriasis Patients Satisfied with Biologics
20 Aug 2015 News Enthesitis Ultrasound as an Outcome Measure in Spondyloarthritis
24 Aug 2015 News Secukinumab Bests Ustekinumab in Psoriasis CLEAR Study
28 Aug 2015 News Increased Vascular Mortality in Ankylosing Spondylitis
28 Aug 2015 Social NIH study - gut microbiome and gut activated T cells play a role in autoimmune uveitis
31 Aug 2015 Social Osteoporosis common in #AS & related to Dz activity, yet vertebral Fx due to AS duration & severity no BMD. #Rheumed
01 Sep 2015 News Advances in Uveitis Associated with Juvenile Arthritis
09 Sep 2015 News Higher Death Rates in Ankylosing Spondylitis
15 Sep 2015 News Is Early Use of TNFi in Spondyloarthritis Overkill or a Necessity?
21 Sep 2015 News Future 2 Trial Shows Secukinumab Efficacy in Psoriatic Arthritis
01 Oct 2015 News TICOPA Study: Tight Control in Psoriatic Arthritis
01 Oct 2015 News Secukinumab Wins in Psoriatic Arthritis
01 Oct 2015 News Ustekinumab Effective in Adolescents with Psoriasis
01 Oct 2015 News Brodalumab vs. Ustekinumab: Head-to-Head Studies of Psoriasis
02 Oct 2015 Social Looking at 2 different datasets, having PsA confers a 30+% risk of Cardiovascular dz
13 Oct 2015 Social Combined Rheum-Derm clinics for Psoriasis & PsA pts have better outcomes, more Rx changes, but longer wait times
15 Oct 2015 News FDA Holds Off on Xeljanz Approval for Psoriasis
21 Oct 2015 News Weight Loss Improves Skin Outcomes in Psoriasis
21 Oct 2015 Social DUET study shows 40% of newly dx acute anterior uveitis will have spondyloarthritis.