Monday, 26 Jun 2017


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27 Oct 2016 News POSTURE Study: Apremilast Fails in Ankylosing Spondylitis
26 Oct 2016 Social Comparing TB vs Pyogenic spondylitis:TB has more extraspinal TB, Hx TB, +IGRA; also more fever, abscess (psoas,vert)
23 Oct 2016 Social Dr. Sergio Schwartzman comments on new Ocular Screening Guidlines for Hydroxychloroquine at RheumNow
21 Oct 2016 Social UK prevalence study shows only one-third of #AS ankylosing spondylitis pts are treated by rheumatologists.
21 Oct 2016 Social Psoriasis pts failing TNF inhib. shows secondary failure more likely than primary failure to respond to a 2nd TNFi
20 Oct 2016 Social Study of 104 early spondyloarthritis pts shows SI xrays readings maybe unreliable, even w/ experienced radiologists
19 Oct 2016 Social Postural abnormalities and worse spinal metrics in Ankylosing spondylitis is assoc. w/ significant Balance issues.
14 Oct 2016 Social AS w/ hip replacement: early return to work predicted by unilateral THR, younger, lower BASFI, low physical demand
14 Oct 2016 Social Prevalence ofNoninfectious Uveitis in USA: Nearly 300,000 adults and 22,000 children in 2015 (based on claims data)
13 Oct 2016 Blog If You See Something, Say Something
12 Oct 2016 Social Norwegian HUNT study of shows no increased risk offracture among 2804 self reported Psoriasis patients.
11 Oct 2016 News First Degree Relatives and the Risk of Spondyloarthritis
10 Oct 2016 Social RT @RheumNow: If you spot a stranger w/ classic habitus & gait of Ankylosing spondylitis - do you approach & tell them the dx or do you kee…
07 Oct 2016 Social Am I wrong?Otezla warnings overstate risk of depression % wt loss; yet understate diarrhea 9% & D/C for diarrhea <2%
06 Oct 2016 Social Milestones in the drug development of anti-IL17, Secukinumab for rheumatologyy
03 Oct 2016 News Anti-IL-23 Guselkumab Beats Adalimumab in Severe Psoriasis
29 Sep 2016 Social Taiwan: HIV population higher risk for Sjögrens(SIR=1.64), psoriasis(2.05), SLE (2.59), AIHA (35.06), Uveitis (2.50)
19 Sep 2016 Social Why I Luv Rheum: Sitting next to me, 1 swollen PIP w/ onycholysis= I know its Psoriatic Arthritis I can help!! #RDAM
15 Sep 2016 Social RT @RonanTKavanagh: patients with psoriatic spondyloarthritis more steroid responsive than patients with Ank Spond (60% vs 20% at week 2. #…
14 Sep 2016 News Adalimumab Lowers Risk of Uveitis Flares in Visual I Study