Wednesday, 18 Jul 2018


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05 Nov 2017 Social RT @japaoli19: Low dose CT detects more spinal progression vs xray in AS measured by ct syndesmophyte sc #582 #ACR17 @rheumnow https://t.…
05 Nov 2017 Social RT @KDAO2011: #ACR17 metaanalysis:Adding MTX to TNFi helps skin scores NOT joints in pts w/PsA @rheumnow #636
05 Nov 2017 Social Mease et al shows consentyx inhibits xray progression in Future5 996 PsA trial w 24wk outcomes
05 Nov 2017 News Novartis Features Secukinumab Data at ACR 17
04 Nov 2017 Social RT @isa75012: Secukinumab (IL17i) works even in SpA pts that do not respond to TnFi. But it also may cause worsening IBD symptoms. Use caut…
04 Nov 2017 Social RT @DrPetryna: GI mucosal associated invariant T (MAIT) cells detected in joints of patients w/AS. Expanding views of SpA #ACR17 Sunday pre…
04 Nov 2017 Social RT @drdavidliew: Biologics in SpA - it’s a minefield out there! #ACR17
04 Nov 2017 Social RT @cgytz: Lumbar mobility is impaired first in SpA. Screen with modified Schober and lateral spinal flexion. #rheumedu #ACR17…
04 Nov 2017 Social RT @psufka: Although I enjoy reading them, plain X-rays of SI joints unreliable for spondyloarthropathy. MRI is much much better. #ACR17 @r…
04 Nov 2017 Social RT @DrBhana: EULAR 2017 TtT recommendations for SpA #ACR17
04 Nov 2017 Social RT @DrBhana: ACR 2016 treatment guidelines for AS/SpA #ACR17
04 Nov 2017 Social RT @_connectedcare: Higher disease activity leads to more progression in axial spondyloarthritis #ACR17
04 Nov 2017 Social RT @cgytz: Osteitis condensans ilii can mimic AxSpA including inflammatory back pain #ACR17
04 Nov 2017 Social RT @doctorakerkar: Inflammation in Midlife Tied to Brain Shrinkage Later in Life #rheum #AnkylosingSpondylitis
02 Nov 2017 Social Low persistence of TNFi in PsA >2.5x more likely in women & pts w/ metabolic syndrome-related comorbidities
30 Oct 2017 Social Causes of Dactylitis = PsA, AS, SpA, reactive arthritis, MCTD, PSS, TB, syphilis, JIA, Sarcoid
23 Oct 2017 News FDA Approves Simponi Aria for Psoriatic Arthritis and Ankylosing Spondylitis
19 Oct 2017 News Tofacitinib Scores in TNF inhibitor Resistant Psoriatic Arthritis
19 Oct 2017 Social Dr Ian McInnes at #APLAR2017 shows decreasing responses with TNFi switching in PsA.
18 Oct 2017 News Stelara FDA Approved for Use in Adolescent Psoriasis