Tuesday, 20 Mar 2018


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09 May 2017 News Above-Label Dosing and Noncompliance with Biologics in Psoriatic Arthritis
07 May 2017 Social Pfizer submitted tofacitinib NDA to FDA for psoriatic arthritis. FDA prev denied the NDA for psoriasis w/ CR letter. https://t.co/1EMk9QsW3V
02 May 2017 Social 99FM pts had MRI sacroiliitis 8% & met AxSpA criteria 10%. But no control group comparison? Can AS masquerade as FM? https://t.co/PkH4t3CKGh
01 May 2017 News Smoking and Worse Outcomes in Spondylitis
30 Apr 2017 Social RT @DrRachelTate: CXCL10 potential biomarker for PsA development in PsO pts. Arthur Kavanaugh, MD and Eric Ruderman, MD #rwcs2017 @RWCSmtg…
30 Apr 2017 Social RT @DrRachelTate: 2016 ASAS-EULAR tx recs in axSpA. #rwcs2017 @RWCSmtg @RheumNow https://t.co/yuDJyLq9sQ
27 Apr 2017 Social 136 pt study; Flares in pregnancy seen in 29% RA & 25% axSpA, 3fold risk if TNFi stopd. Flares mostly Rx w/ Steroids https://t.co/LSapELP240
25 Apr 2017 Social Study of 1020 LBP pts shows MRI inflammation of the SI was significantly but weakly assoc w/ Inflammatory LBP https://t.co/VOTIszxMPu
21 Apr 2017 Social Valeant prices new Psoriasis drug Siliq (brodalumab) at $42,000/yr. undercutting price of other IL-17 drugs. https://t.co/mfu0ZWWkvv
19 Apr 2017 News Inconsistent ESR & CRP in Spondylitis Patients
18 Apr 2017 Social Corrona study 1,567 PsA shows patients w/ dactylitis or enthesitis had more Dz activity, Pain, Fatigue, low work,HAQ https://t.co/2UcTOZKhYf
07 Apr 2017 Social Dr Ritchlin Risk factors for PsA: obesity, nail dystrophy, smoking, severe psoriasis, nail dystrophy, trauma, Fam Hx PsA,Rubella vaccination
07 Apr 2017 Social Dr. Ritchlin-30% psoriasis pts develop PsA, mechanisms unknown. enthesitis driven by biomechanical factors, arthritis involves IL-17, IL-23
07 Apr 2017 Social Dr Chris Ritchlin shows HLA- C*0602 seen in 57% of Psoriasis patients, but only 28% of Psoriatic arthritis. #CCFSummit
31 Mar 2017 News TNF Inhibitor Induced Psoriasis
28 Mar 2017 Social RT @CBSHealth: FDA approves powerful new drug for eczema -- but it comes with a hefty price tag https://t.co/EOjOgCdoci https://t.co/V49wgh…
23 Mar 2017 News NEJM Reviews Psoriatic Arthritis
21 Mar 2017 Social RT @NASSexercise: #WorldPoetryDay. This Simon Armitage poem is called #ankylosingspondylitis https://t.co/YbzJPJs30m
20 Mar 2017 News Cause of Death in Ankylosing Spondylitis
08 Mar 2017 Social Nemolizumab (humanized anti-IL-31 receptor A mAb) shown to be effected in atopic dermatitis in NEJM paper https://t.co/qsoNeWmplj