Monday, 26 Aug 2019

RA/Inflammatory arthritis

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22 Aug 2019 News A Multidimensional Definition of Remission
20 Aug 2019 News Good Pregnancy Outcomes for DMARD Exposed JIA Patients
20 Aug 2019 News Autoantibodies Don't Disappear With Remission in RA
19 Aug 2019 Social Are you an Expert in Still's disease, Periodic Fevers, FMF or Autoinflammatory Dz? Please let me know ASAP - I want to add you to the list!
18 Aug 2019 Social Part 4 - War on RA - Desperado, the Eagles, Glenn Fry inspire Desperado to stop riding fences - on RheumNow; heres the video>> or listen to the podcast on iTunes or here>>
18 Aug 2019 Social FDA approves Abbvies new JAK1 inhibitor - upadacitinib (named Rinvoq); Package insert - indicated for use in mod. to severely active RA not resp to MTX (do not combine w/ other JAKS, biologics). 15 mg qd. Warning for VTE, DVT.
17 Aug 2019 Social RheumNow Podcast is up! Antibiotics causing RA? Watch here>> or listen on iTunes or SoundCloud>>
15 Aug 2019 News Updated CDC Recommendation for Serologic Diagnosis of Lyme Disease
14 Aug 2019 Social Ah is certainly a BIG issue in RA, especially when there's a poor outcome. Besides life in the fast lane - other bad advice for RA - Take It Easy, Take It to the Limit & Tequila Sunrise. Good Advice? Take it easy!
14 Aug 2019 News Trends in Inflammatory Arthritis Care in Germany
13 Aug 2019 Social "WAR on RA - Part 4: Desperado" is featured on RheumNow. Why the Eagles and Glenn Fry's death should inspire us to better, greater, more and other superlatives in RA.
13 Aug 2019 News War on RA – Part 4: Desperado – Time to Open the Gate
12 Aug 2019 Social Case-control study using the UK Clinical Practice Research database examined 22677 RA pts. 1995–2017) exposed to antibiotics vs ~90K controls shows the risk of RA is 60% higher if Abx exposed (OR 1.60; 95% CI 1.51–1.68) - microbiome changes?
12 Aug 2019 News RA Disease Activity Drives Lung Complications
11 Aug 2019 Social "WAR on RA - Part 3: Useless Drugs". Old DMARDs were truly useless (gold, PCM, SSZ, HCQ) but are biologics, combinations, JAKs the answer? Watch here>> or Listen on iTunes or SoundCloud
09 Aug 2019 Social Check out the "WAR on RA - Part 3: Useless Drugs". We use to have useless drugs (gold, PCM, SSZ, HCQ) but now live in an era of biologics, combinations, JAKs - are these the answer? Watch here>> or Listen on iTunes or SoundCloud
09 Aug 2019 Social Metanalysis of Early #RA therapy (22 RCTs, 9934 pts), shows that MTX + TNF or non-TNF biologics reduces disease activity and improves remission when compared with MTX monotherapy. 20-57% higher ACR50 rates with Combination Rx
08 Aug 2019 News Increasing Lung Disease in Systemic JIA
07 Aug 2019 Social Check out Part 3 - War on RA - "Useless Drugs" This one is why we need more than our best new drugs to deliver us from the evil of #RA. Rear it, Watchit, Listen to it Here >>
07 Aug 2019 News Periodontal Disease and P. gingivalis Increased in CCP+ Pre-Clinical RA