Friday, 03 Apr 2020

RA/Inflammatory arthritis

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30 Sep 2014 News RoActemra wins EU approval for early RA
02 Dec 2014 News Turmeric vs. Ibuprofen: Which is Better for Arthritis?
02 Dec 2014 News NIH Accelerating Medicines Partnership has awarded 10 US centers grants to study Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus
04 Feb 2015 News Night-time Gout Onset is Not Related to Alcohol or Purine Intake
04 Feb 2015 News Hemophagocytic Syndrome in Adults
04 Feb 2015 News Psoriatic Arthritis Has a New FDA Approved DMARD - Apremilast
10 Mar 2015 News Chikungunya rises in the US and Worldwide
18 Apr 2015 Social 72 arthralgia pts, ~45% CCP+, 42 w/ RA. Periodontitis assoc w/ Dz activity and future MTX use
21 Apr 2015 Social Lancet letter warns that elderly & those w/ comorbidities may have worse outcomes if they contract Chikungunya 
21 Apr 2015 Social Calprotectin reviewed as an RA biomarker. SF>blood levels, falls w/ improvement, High values predict erosions 
27 Apr 2015 News RA Associated With Higher 90-Day Hospital Readmission Rates Compared to OA After Hip or Knee Arthroplasty
28 Apr 2015 News A different point of view on RA
30 Apr 2015 News HLA-DRB1 Alleles Augment RA Severity and TNF Inhibitor Responses
30 Apr 2015 News Lyme disease: recent advances and perspectives
30 Apr 2015 Social RDW may identify RA patients w/ higher CV risk Study of 20k RA pts, MI was more freq in higher RDW, CRP, ESR groups. 
01 May 2015 News Chronobiology: When Will It's Time Come?
01 May 2015 News Calprotectin as a Biomarker in RA
03 May 2015 Social Calprotectin: An upcoming marker for Rheumatoid Arthritis … #rheum
05 May 2015 Social Study of 1791 RA, PsA & SpA pts showed Dz burden to be greater w/ PsA/SpA who had more pain, higher DAS,CDAI & RAPID3 
05 May 2015 Social Review of Legionairres disease and deaths revealed higher risk in men, patients w/ leukemia or RA.