Tuesday, 07 Apr 2020

RA/Inflammatory arthritis

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13 Apr 2017 Social Lancet article shows Mortality in #RA dropped 14% from 2005 (0.6/100K) to 2015 (0.5/100K) https://t.co/zmvXHT2um5
09 Nov 2017 Social Check out my video from #ACR17 on Still's disease and Autoinflammatory Syndromes - from Bedside to Bench. https://t.co/HE9UDOL9ft
15 Feb 2018 Social Checkout the #RWCS video by Rheum Fellow Dr. Phil Aleksiejuk on Drug-Induced ANCA vasculitis. https://t.co/GjWMwpzNKB
18 May 2018 Social Swedish RA registry study shows that exposure to passive smoking is not associated risk of ACPA+ or ACPA neg RA. https://t.co/AAlmR2clcw
04 Jul 2018 Social Systemic JIA (Still’s disease) is driven by which cytokine? TNF, IL-1, IL-6, or IL-18. Rheumatologist Survey – answer here >> https://t.co/uUwxEiccmr
01 Jan 2019 Social Abbvie has submitted its new JAK inhibitor, upadacitinib, to the FDA and EMA for consideration in moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis https://t.co/49GspIEeYN
31 Aug 2019 Social RheumNow Podcast is up! In this one I Muse on choosing my next DMARD in an #RA - watch it here>> https://t.co/ZSt90z2OhE or listen to the podcast on iTunes or SoundCloud>> https://t.co/Cf17DKOJcv
10 Dec 2019 Social 46 #RA pts on DMARDs +/- biologics received 3 part Hepatitis B Vaccination - those on biologics and DMARDs had less seroprotection vs controls (50% vs. 100% [p = 0.02] and 69.7% vs. 100% [p = 0.09], respectively). HBV vaccine well tolerated & without flare https://t.co/3XuQhYquMy
08 Feb 2016 Social Financial analysis of early RA Rx in ESPOIR cohort shows first year biologic use to be most costly. https://t.co/l4CGWavh29
17 Jan 2017 Social 141 RA pts studied ESR, CRP, IL6, VEGF, Calprotectin & Jt US. Calprotectin highest assoc w/ US synovitis & response https://t.co/eaRy5YzXpe
01 Jun 2015 Social Leiden 1007 ERA pts show Rx paradigm changes increased drug free remission w/ early MTX (OR 2.4) or MTX T2T (OR 3.7) http://t.co/CZkwLqrci1
15 Feb 2017 Social Lymphadenopathy & RA? Think Angioimmunoblastic T-cell lymphoma: rare; w/ LN, fever, rash, organomegaly polyarthritis https://t.co/HWWFzWQTQk
29 Apr 2017 Social RT @DrRachelTate: "CV health is important and our drugs may have competing effects." S. Gabriel, MD @RheumNow #SOTA2017
26 Oct 2017 Social Atherosclerosis assessed by CIMT in 46 RA pts showed tofacitinib to improve CIMT, despite potential to incr lipids. https://t.co/w2myWgYu61
04 Dec 2017 Social Checkout the #ACR17 video by Dr. Jack Cush on Still's disease and Autoinflammatory Febrile disorders https://t.co/pjrzQlojF7
19 Mar 2018 Social Flares are frequent in patients in 120 RA undergoing arthroplasty (THA, TKA); by 6 wks 63%. Flare more freq with higher disease activity (OR=2), ESR, CRP, Pain; but not affected by biologic use. https://t.co/4hdn5nTQZO
01 Jun 2018 Social German longitudinal study of 953 JIA pts shows that 3 years after Dx 75% achieve improvement and quality of life equal to their non-arthritic normal controls https://t.co/pwUzx5iIx7
22 Jul 2018 Social RA Adherence to1st bDMARD was suboptimal, even in effectively treated pts. In 10374 pts, 1 yr adherence rate = 46%; 2nd Yr = 34%; lowest for golimumab and highest for infliximab. Among 30%, effectively Tx pts, 2yr adherence = 59% https://t.co/35vN57DxRW
22 Oct 2018 Social RT @japaoli19: AbstractL06 Strong ACR 20 responses with Filgotinib in Bio failure population #ACR18 @rheumnow https://t.co/wWwi54tZzU
24 Apr 2019 Social 3002 UK study shows that statin (atorvastatin) use in RA is safe and effective - resulting in significant reduction in Cardiac/MACE events (HR 0.60), LDL (HR 0.77) and CRP and confers a risk reduction similar to that seen in other populations https://t.co/Zl2KaK12P5