Tuesday, 17 Sep 2019

RA/Inflammatory arthritis

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02 Jan 2018 Social Autologous stem cell (ASC) Rx looks favorable for systemic sclerosis (https://t.co/JK9oeg8bHC). recent safety review of 18 ASC pts showed 4 death shows a strong need to optimize Pt selection to reduce toxicity. https://t.co/1a7uvHOKur
03 Apr 2018 Social RT @KearsleyFleet: #publicationanniversary Looking back to the @BSRBR_RA publication from last year: "Rates of live births were reassuring…
13 Jun 2018 Social RT @StefanSiebert1: Gravallese, US: Teriparatide (PTH) increased BMD but no effect on erosions in #rheumatoid #arthritis. Another example w…
05 Aug 2018 Social RT @NatRevRheumatol: Bruce Cronstein discusses the interaction of Methotrexate and BAFF in the suppression of anti-drug antibody production…
25 Oct 2018 Social RT @NicoleBitencou5: Among 14 pts with #JIA #ERA (enthesitis related arthritis) who failed 1+ antiTNFs, #secukinumab led to some improvemen…
28 Jun 2015 Social Risk factors for Sacral Stress fractures include RA, osteoporosis/postmenopausal, pelvic XRT, chronic steroids http://t.co/aFjogsDnvA
06 Apr 2017 Social Dr M Holers shows 1st Degree relatives (FDR) about 16% are RF or CCP positive, increased by smoking @CCF Biologics Summit VII
30 May 2017 Social History, Genetics & Hereditability of #RA reviewed. 1st Dx of RA made 3 Aug 1800; HLA-DR4 discv by Dr P Stastny 1978 https://t.co/8MWOVSlfRN
23 Sep 2017 Social RheumNow Wk in review is up! Watch the video or listen to podcast https://t.co/2FCTVO1btG
07 Nov 2017 Social RT @uptoTate: No power doppler + low MUS gray scale scores in remission pts (DAS-28, CDAI, SDAI, RAPID-3) #ACR17@RheumNow #1879 https://t.c…
25 Jan 2018 Social ADJUVITE Study: 31 JIA pts with chronic uveitis, 4+ yrs of ocular inflammation, studied and there were significantly more responders to adalimumab 9/16 than placebo 3/15. https://t.co/ov87xcqeD9
19 Apr 2018 Social Study of 1181 Systemic Sclerosis pts finds 3.4% w/ hx of VTE events= VTE incidence of 2.7 per 1000 pt-yrs (equal to general population). Risk factors for VTE were PAH, peripheral arterial disease, Scl-70+, anticardiolipin Abs (OR 2.45-5.7) https://t.co/AgBb7tGvGh
16 Jun 2018 Social RT @Janetbirdope: Reactive arthritis seems to be decreasing. Survey of rheums suggested that they are seeing less ReA and also that if it w…
26 Aug 2018 Social Adult, Acute, Asymmetric Oligoarticular inflammatory arthritis - Whats your differential Dx? PsA, Spa, Reactive, IBD, Sarcoid, undifferentiated arthritis, CPPD, RA, chlamydia, Lyme ? Dont forget Gout, gonococccal Arthritis, TB!
20 Nov 2018 Social J Rheum (Ward et al) reports that the minimal clinically important improvement (MCII) of RAPID-3 was –3.8. https://t.co/UxCOeMl52g
21 Feb 2019 Social QD Clinic - The NP Says the Patient is Flaring | RA patient is Flaring with interruption of Abatacept; the NP want to know what to do. https://t.co/IVhbWwjWrS
30 May 2019 Social Japanese study 198 systemic sclerosis pts finds that higher skin thickness scores (modified Rodnan Skin Scores; mRSS) associated with higher risk of interstitial lung disease (P < 0.05), restrictive LDz(P < 0.01), and diffusion impairment (P < 0.05) https://t.co/PY4n6N5Ub9
29 Apr 2016 Social Substantial delays from Sx onset to Rheumatology Referral in Canada (327 days) & only 1/3 on DMARDs w/in 6mos of Sx https://t.co/ogRet7q2yV
24 Jan 2017 Social Among 103 SLE pts ~10% had "Rhupus" polyarthritis; they had less renal, but more joints, erosions, hi ESR/CRP levels https://t.co/TpNKquhSVH
12 Apr 2017 Social ACR expresses concern over ICER economic eval of RA therapies. Concerned about lack of long term data, cost of care https://t.co/GvqAGyMFgt