Tuesday, 22 Oct 2019

RA/Inflammatory arthritis

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14 Sep 2018 Social Systemic onset JIA patients may have higher Injection Site Reaction rates when taking sc tocilizumab (45% sJIA) compared to polyarticular JIA (15-29%). RA ( 7-10%) or GCA https://t.co/ooDo1LjGlA
17 May 2017 Social RT @DrPetryna: @RheumNow SQ Simponi for polyJIA randomized withdrawal trial: primary endpoint not met; clincial improvement noted https:/…
03 Mar 2016 Social Smoking may negatively affect RA by causing lower IGF1, adiponectin, and leptin - maybe adipokines are important! https://t.co/4J5QcdGhPB
04 Sep 2019 Social A prospecitve cohort study of 278 axSpA pts, grouped them into alcohol drinkers and non-drinkers. Alcohol was associated w/ spinal progression (mSASSS changes ≥ 2 units overr 2 yrs) (60.7% vs 29.2%, P < 0.001, compared w/ nondrinkers). 1st time finding. https://t.co/XdPrAWPQVG
30 Nov 2016 Social Claims data >500K people in metro areas shows 58% RA pts see a RHEUM, 64% Rx a DMARD, 30% biologic pts had TB screen https://t.co/0lVzxCtdEW
17 Jun 2019 Social RT @Janetbirdope: EULAR Highlights. 2 new JAKs presented more RA data. Upadacitinib and Filgotinib. Safety of JAKs in meta-analysis -no new…
21 Jun 2018 Social In RA pts, as CRP increases in the normal range (<6 mg/L), CRP increases assoc w/ increases in systolic BP; above CRP >6mg/L the systolic BP declines. Reasons for this inverse U shaped correlation unclear. https://t.co/A9AVBwc8GI
11 Sep 2015 Social Periodontal Rx influences RA severity; Periodontal bacteria influences cause of RA & CCP, Auto Abs, RF in RA. http://t.co/3dnPxeH9jr
07 May 2019 Social Danish population study of 55,037 found 210 men (37.6% RF+) & 456 women (41% RF+) RA pts; In women, body fat%, waist size, & obesity was assoc. w/ higher risk of RA. (10% higher for each 5% body fat, 5% for each 5- cm in waist, & 50% higher for obese) https://t.co/PRUBWcWXjC
12 Aug 2017 Social Drs. Gibofsky & Cush answer 5 questions about FDA AAC hearing on sirukumab in RA - committee voted against approval https://t.co/QNEbMpefpo
07 Nov 2017 Social RT @Lupusdoc: Improvement and steroid reduction in CANDLE / SAVI patients treated with baricitinib @RheumNow #ACR17 #2758
30 Jan 2018 Social In RA women, menopause has a greater effect on the rate of functional decline (by HAQ) and is associated with a worsening of the disease. https://t.co/R4wZIdVw3s
21 May 2018 Social Study of 85 RA patients demonstrates a prothrombotic tendency that is predicted by those with higher DAS-28, CRP, and platelet counts. https://t.co/wqU8XNzIDK
02 Jun 2017 Social Th17 cells & plasmablasts signif increased in # RA w/ BMI >25; signif correlation betw BMI & Th17, IL-1β and IL-21 https://t.co/Aa04eLdW20
30 Mar 2016 Social Lyme dz affects 300,000/yr. New research at Northeastern Univ will explore new treatments & mechanisms of disease https://t.co/Xe9vU2Su2I
25 Sep 2019 Social 41 participants with RA and T2D were randomised to recv anakinra or a TNFi; RA dz activity decreased in both groups over 6 mos. Anakinra significantly improved A1C at 3 and 6 mos, but TNFi did not. https://t.co/UIBsRjMbKR
24 Dec 2016 Social United Rheumatology GPO new practice guidelines for RA endorses use of Vectra DA;stating ~60% Rheums ordered VECTRA) https://t.co/KhIQjmGjPf
01 Apr 2017 Social Erosions begets erosions; Studies show baseline Xrays best predictor of damage. Initial Xrays a must! thereafter, eh https://t.co/5lJMn0soGL
27 Jun 2019 Social A Western Norway study of GCA (1972–2012) compared 792 GCA (528 Bx-verified) to 2577 matched controls. There were no differences in overall survival (p=0.41). GCA had higher risk of CV death (HR 1.31) but lower risk of cancer deaths (HR 0.56). https://t.co/oBx2kBTyrZ
25 Feb 2018 Social RheumNow Wk in Review is up; this week in 2 parts - 1) https://t.co/R9DpkSaZLH & part 2) here https://t.co/6n3IQkQauP