Friday, 15 Nov 2019

RA/Inflammatory arthritis

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01 Dec 2017 Social Claims data analyses shows infertile men have higher rates of developing rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis,…
22 Jan 2019 Social QD Video - The Nucleolar ANA | from RheumNow | whats the differential Diagnosis -
27 Mar 2017 Social ACTHAR, an unproven Rx, under scrutiny; use to cosT$1650 in 2007, now $38000; costing Medicare a $half-billion/yr.
02 May 2019 Social DESIRABLE study from JAPAN Rx 654 (relatively) early, MTX tx RA pts with PBO, or Prolia given q3 or q6 mos. Denosumab lead to significant reductions in Erosion scores, total Xray (not JSN) and increased BMD (vs PBO); no effect on ACR20/50/70.
29 Apr 2017 Social #SOTA2017 Dr Sherine Gabriel increased miss of angina and sudden cardiac death
15 May 2018 Social Setpoint announces a phase I trial studying a new Vagus Nerve Stimulation in RA. Only 15pts will be recruited from select sites in Florida, Altoona PA, Northwell onw LI.
10 Oct 2016 Social Metanalysis: ankle replacement (TAA) vs arthrodeisis w/ similar outcomes but more reoperations, complications w/ TAA
27 May 2015 Social Schnitzlers syndrome: rare cause of daily fevers, nonpruritic urticarial rash, arthralgia/itis, & gammaglobulinemia
09 Apr 2016 Social MAbs against Sclerostin (romosozumab) in osteoporosis Rx SHOULD be contraindicated in RA - will worsen Xray erosions
02 Jan 2018 Social CORRONA RA Registry Study of 566 ABA initiators and 1715 TNFi initiators shows that CCP POSITIVITY predicted a good response to Abatacept but not TNFi.
06 Apr 2017 Social Dr McInnes - miR155 induces TNF production and correlates with RA dz activity. anti-miR155 improves arthritis induced in mice.
29 Apr 2017 Social RT @DrRachelTate: "AL is still the most common form of amyloid in the US." Dr. Libbey @RheumNow #SOTA2017
02 Oct 2019 Social Approximately 20–30% of IBD patients will develop spondyloarthritis. Using a survey tool on 244 IBD pts they found 21% with sufficient criteria to suspect SpA - Other risk factors included being female, Crohn's, prior DMARD or biologic drug use.
02 Jul 2018 Social How do Rheumatologists diagnose Still’s disease (SJIA) A Rheumatologist survey - Make Your views count; RHEUMS vote HERE
19 Sep 2017 Social RA w/ fibromyalgia (17%) unlikely to get to SDAI remission, have more pain/comorbidity, worse sleep, higher SF36 MCS
30 May 2018 Social Retrospective study shows exposure to vapour, gas, dust and fumes (VGDF) increases risk of RF (not ACPA) positivity. Combined smoking and and VDGF exposure increases risk of RF and lower age of RA diagnosis than smokers with no VGDF exposure
16 Nov 2016 Social RT @CCalabreseDO: Sirukinumab efficacious & safe in phase III study of RA pts who failed/didn't tolerate anti-TNF. Abstract 3223 @RheumNow…
13 Mar 2018 Social An Italian 89 pt GPA study finds ENT involvement in 72%; tend to be younger w/ less renal disease. Sinonasal sx in 58%,otitis media/otomastoiditis in 35%. ENT involvement predicted better outcomes and milder GPA w/ lower renal dz and mortality rate.
16 Oct 2019 Social Evaluation of ANA testing in sytemic autoimmune dz (AID) finds low titers have low PPV. Highest PPV was for centromere pattern in PSS, w/ a PPV of 29% (1:160), 42% (1:32), 77% (1:640) & 82% (1:1280). Speckled PPV was low unti 1:1280 (PPV 71% for AID)
13 Jun 2018 Social RT @StefanSiebert1: We have seen worsening inflammatory arthritis following vedolizumab for IBD