Thursday, 21 Mar 2019

RA/Inflammatory arthritis

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19 Feb 2019 Slide of the day Dealing with Comorbidities
19 Feb 2019 News Remission Unlikely in RA
19 Feb 2019 Social A prospective clinical registry examined 1,520 deaths among 12,679 RA participants (80,502 PYs). Mortality was strongly associated with Obesity BMI >30 kg/m2; at age 30 HR: 2.00 (1.65,2.42) p<0.001].
18 Feb 2019 Social Finnish population study of 4180 JIA patients shows JIA mortality not increased (0.6%) vs Nl population. Mmean age at death 20.3 yrs; Most common JIA cause was accidents, vs. suicide in controls. JIA pts had less substance abuse and depression
18 Feb 2019 Social Listen to the speakers from last weeks RWCS 2019 Podcast from Maui-
16 Feb 2019 Social Dr Orrin Troum shows data on ANA negative pts. Should this include those with cytoplasmic staining? #RWCS2019
14 Feb 2019 Social Small study of 25 pregnancies in RA compared those who continued biologics till conception vs those who stopped before conception. Continuing biologics till conception lead to a significantly shorter time to pregnancy.
13 Feb 2019 Social Dr Paul Emery at RWCS. RA without xray erosions- 45% have ultrasound erosions #RWCS2019
13 Feb 2019 News No Added Benefit to MRI-Guided Therapy in Rheumatoid Arthritis
12 Feb 2019 News Differing Effects of Smoking and HLA-DRB1 in Seropositive Rheumatoids
12 Feb 2019 Social Read the Brazilian Societyof Rheum guidelines on the use of nailfold capillaroscopy. Indications: Raynauds; Dermatomyositis; MCTD; Systemic sclerosis. NFC can be done by stereomicroscope, videocapillaroscope, dermatoscope, or ophthalmoscope.
11 Feb 2019 Social Priorities differ between Docs and Patients with Ulcerative colitis - Pts need to discuss managing Sxs/problems, inflammation, cancer risk. GI-MDs top priorities were managing Sxs and side effects from meds.
09 Feb 2019 Social Check out a weeks worth of QD Clinic Podcasts - Week 5. Case discussions from the Rheumatology clinic. Available in iTunes or on SoundCloud
07 Feb 2019 ACR Video QD Clinic - Aches and Pains
05 Feb 2019 ACR Video QD Clinic - Undertreated RA
05 Feb 2019 Social QD Clinic - Undertreated RA | caseds from RheumNow - Rebooting RA treatment in those previously undertreated.
05 Feb 2019 ACR Video QD Clinic - Undertreated RA
01 Feb 2019 ACR Video QD Clinic - How Many Days of Fever?
01 Feb 2019 News Update on Pregnancy Management in RA
31 Jan 2019 ACR Video QD Clinic - How many days of fever?