Tuesday, 25 Jul 2017

RA/Inflammatory arthritis

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22 May 2017 Social Sarilumab becomes the 2nd IL-6 inhibitor to be approved for use in #RA, but priced at $39K, 30% below competition https://t.co/sPRwcmDxfu
22 May 2017 Social RT @_connectedcare: My book, Stuff you should know about Rheumatoid Arthritis, available now! Use 50% off code "RABOOK" https://t.co/hlplrk…
22 May 2017 Social Multi-Morbidity is quite common in RA (25%) and correlates with disease activity (HAQ, Pt global assessment)… https://t.co/isR43a6vyP
19 May 2017 Social Worldwide #RA prevalence in low-middle income countries increased 2000 to 2010 (3.16 mill males, 14.87 mill females) https://t.co/lhDZlqS5EK
19 May 2017 Blog My Approach to Difficult RA
17 May 2017 Social RT @DrPetryna: @RheumNow SQ Simponi for polyJIA randomized withdrawal trial: primary endpoint not met; clincial improvement noted https:/…
17 May 2017 News Educational Intervention Facilitates Treat-to-Target Management in Rheumatoid Arthritis
16 May 2017 Social Septic arthritis lead to 16,382 ED visits 2012; .of all ED visits; >83% hospitalized, esp w/ comoribidity, arthritis https://t.co/sNHXLfnjcT
15 May 2017 News Rituximab May Benefit Rheumatoid Lung
12 May 2017 Social RT @TheLancet: NOR-SWITCH trial: switching from infliximab to less expensive #biosimilar CT-P13 - findings from 52-week study https://t.co…
10 May 2017 Social Stoke uncommon in RA 3.2/1000 PY;3X higher after a serious adverse event Risks higher with age, smoking & ^ lipids https://t.co/XTmYNypg1o
05 May 2017 Social Not all HLA-DQB1alleles assoc w/ RA. DQB1*02 & DQB1*06 negatively associated; DQB1*04 incr RA Risk (OR1.6) https://t.co/m6xbmBXp9z
05 May 2017 News Increased Comorbidities in Rheumatoid Arthritis
05 May 2017 Social Malmo register 1997 RA pts had 6.8% with Extra-articular manifestations predicted by RF+, HAQ, Dz Dur- but not TNFi https://t.co/DhmUVJkgT6
04 May 2017 Social Risk Factors for RA-ILD RA-ILD are age, male, Hi Dz, RF+, CCP+, Smoking (esp w/HLA-DRB1), occurs w/in 10yrs RA onset https://t.co/zTCEZieO1m
03 May 2017 Social ACPA positive Non-RA pts w/ ST elevation MI greater mortality (HR 3.1), re-infarction & death (HR 2.4) than ACPA neg https://t.co/vAd8WTMK4m
03 May 2017 News Enthesitis-Related Arthritis in Children
03 May 2017 Social Two recent studies show RA Mortality is declining in this era of Combo DMARD & biologic use. https://t.co/3a3Uey2OFP
02 May 2017 Social IORRA study had 48/5757 RA pts w/ lymphoproliferative Dz; 52% had lymphoma. 60% LPD regressed w/ MTX use. https://t.co/J78KtrYPta
02 May 2017 News NEJM: Adalimumab and MTX Effective in JIA Uveitis