Wednesday, 20 Mar 2019

RA/Inflammatory arthritis

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30 Jan 2019 Social UK pts w/ hemochromatosis homozygous for HFE p.C282Y finds men 40-70 w/ incr risk of Hemochr Dx, (OR 411), liver Dz (4.3), RA (2.23), OA (2.01) & DM (1.53). Heterozygotes w/ hemochromatosis was more common but morbidity was modest.
29 Jan 2019 Social Comparison of 187 RA and 157 without inflammatory joint dz, shows a significant association between periodontitis and RA (adjusted OR = 20.57). Periodontitis severity was significantly associated with RA disease activity (p < 0.001)
28 Jan 2019 Social QD Clinic - RA patients on Biologic with Recurrent UTI. Lessons from the clinic and J Cush, MD via @YouTube
28 Jan 2019 ACR Video QD Clinic - RA and Recurrent UTI
28 Jan 2019 News Multidisciplinary Recommendations for Rheumatoid Foot Problems
28 Jan 2019 Social The QD Clinic Podcast - Week 3. a compilation of short videos from RheumNow and Dr. Cush Listent on iTunes or here
27 Jan 2019 Social QD Clinic - A Different Kind of Visit | by Jack Cush
24 Jan 2019 Social Meta-analysis of 4719 elderly RA/IBD/PSO pts on biologics vs 13,305 younger vs 3961 older patients (no biologics) shows biologic use in elderly to be assoc w/ an increased risk of infections (3.6 fold increase in risk) but no increase in cancer or death
24 Jan 2019 Social QD Videos from RheumNow Live. "I wanna get pregnant" (a controlled RA patient on tocilizumab)
24 Jan 2019 News Does Seropositivity Change with Therapy?
23 Jan 2019 ACR Video QD: I want to get pregnant
23 Jan 2019 Social Systematic review of literature and 478 RA patients (mostly female; age 53-64 yrs) shows 73 to 97% of patients being unaware of an increased risk of developing Cardiovascular Disease in relation to their RA,
22 Jan 2019 Social QD Video - The Nucleolar ANA | from RheumNow | whats the differential Diagnosis -
18 Jan 2019 Social The Weekly RheumNow Podcast is up - FDA hearings, anakinra in crystal arthritis, SSc renal crisis predictors & lower mortality in lupus nephritis. Watch here or listen at iTunes or here
18 Jan 2019 Social CARRA legacy registry of 631 pts with Juvenile Dermatomyositis finds 13% with current or past calcinosis; Calcinosis was associated with longer durations of disease prior to Dx, lipodystrophy, joint contractures, and treatment with IVIG or RTX
17 Jan 2019 ACR Video QD Video - Enthesopathy-Related Arthritis
17 Jan 2019 Social Contraceptive surveys of 164 arthritis pts(138 Rheumatoid;26 Psoriatic) finds one-third (32-35%) using highly effective contraception; 31% using effective methods; but ineffective methods in 35.5% RA & 11.5% PsA and no contraception in 1.5% RA & 23.1% PsA
16 Jan 2019 Social RT @jeffsparks: RA risk increased up to fivefold among patients with high CCP levels
14 Jan 2019 Social Combined study of Danbio (Denmark) and ARTIS (Sweden) RA registries showed that in 8987 treatment courses of abatacept, rituximab or tocilizumab there was no difference in Serious infection rates - ranging from 4.7-8.1 SIE/100 Pt Yrs.
14 Jan 2019 ACR Video QD Video - Rheumatoid with but 1 Joint