Thursday, 20 Feb 2020

RA/Inflammatory arthritis

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06 Jan 2020 Social From the 9/11 World Trade Center registry, 118 persons found w/ a CTD (RA=71, Sjӧgrens 22, SLE 20, myositis 9,MCTD 7, PSS 4. Responders w/ intense dust cloud exposure had 2 fold CTD risk & Community members w/ PTSD had 3‐fold risk.
04 Jan 2020 Social 2019 YEAR IN REVIEW Podcast is up! Superheros, women, New Drugs, Novel Approaches, Failed drugs, MTX, Who's killing medicine & low dose pred Watch here>> or Podcast Listen on iTunes or Soundcloud >>
02 Jan 2020 Social Rates of "indeterminate" results on quantiferon-IT assays were found to be significantly higher in systemic vasculitis (21%) than nonvasculitis pts and controls (7-7.5%). Indeterminate predictors were Syst vasculitis (OR 9.64), high NLR (OR 1.70).
02 Jan 2020 Social anti-MDA5+ amyopathic dermatomyositis (ADM) with ILD is severe and refractory. NEJM letter reports on 18 ADM Rx w/ tofacitinibs who showed better 6 mo survival (100% vs 78%) (P=0.04) and improved ferritin, FVC, DLCO, & CT Chest over time.
02 Jan 2020 News Best of 2019 - War on RA - Part 1: Walk on the Moon
31 Dec 2019 Social Study of 182 hospitalized adult-onset Still's disease patients shows predictive factors for developing macrophage activation syndrome to include: 1. Splenomegaly (OR 5.7), 2. pericarditis (OR 6.5), and 3. ferritin >2000 (OR 4.7).
31 Dec 2019 News Best of 2019 - War on RA - Part 3: Useless Drugs
30 Dec 2019 Social Im starting a War on RA. I need you go get mad. Read it here or watch it here
27 Dec 2019 Social The Best Rheums go to the Best Meetings - RHEUMNOW LIVE - March 13-14-15 2020 Great Venue =Fort Worth. Short Lectures, interactive sessions, Q&A panels, TED (like) Talks, digital, streaming and much more. You dont want to miss this meeting!
27 Dec 2019 Social Study of 690 ambulatory patients examined RDW, ESR, CRP and showed RDW is increased in inflammatory disorders (RA, SpA) and elevated RDW has a 48–95% sensitivity and 66–95% specificity for inflammatory disease.
18 Dec 2019 Social Why are we guessing? A 20 yr #RA pt, Severe, erosive, polyarticular CCP+ RA, failed MTX, SSZ, Enbrel, Humira, Cimzia, Xeljanz, Orencia; had TJC 22, SJC 18, CDAI 37; put on LEF & IL-6 inhib & 2 mos later SJC 2, CDAI 3! HELP! We need a better way! AI #bigdata, #realbiomarkers
17 Dec 2019 Social retrospective cohort study of CCP+ individuals without RA, were followed, showing that they were more likely to progress to RA in 5 yrs if they had high CCP antibody levels (46%). (HR 4.83 [95% CI 2.51–9.31])
16 Dec 2019 Social Retrospective cohort study of 154 RA patients undergoing 244 major surgeries in shows that perioperative use of DMARDs (39%) or biologics (13%) was not associated with 30-day odds of post-operative infection #ACR19 Abst #1805
13 Dec 2019 Social Nurses Health Study - 284 incident #RA cases compared to 849 controls showing Asthma (not assoc w/ RA) but was strongly assoc w/ ACPA in blood prior to RA Dx (OR 3.6), independent of smoking. Chronic mucosal inflammation may lead to ACPA & RA
10 Dec 2019 Social 46 #RA pts on DMARDs +/- biologics received 3 part Hepatitis B Vaccination - those on biologics and DMARDs had less seroprotection vs controls (50% vs. 100% [p = 0.02] and 69.7% vs. 100% [p = 0.09], respectively). HBV vaccine well tolerated & without flare
09 Dec 2019 Social Serum Calprotectin levels were higher in the 157 RA pts who relapsed with DMARD withdrawal in the IMPROVED and RETRO Studies
09 Dec 2019 Social Achilles tendinitis Risk factors: 1) prior lower limb tendinopathy or Fx, 2) quinolones, 3) moderate alcohol, 4) cold weather training, 5) decr plantar flexor strength, 6) abnormal gait, 7) lateral foot roll-over 8) CrCl <60 in heart transplant pts.
09 Dec 2019 News Link Between Obstructive Lung Disease and Developing RA?
05 Dec 2019 Social Propensity Score–Matched Cohort claims study compared 11,248 matched pairs RA pts starting either abatacept or TNF inhibitor. ABA had a signficiantly lower risk of hospitalized infx compared to infliximab (HR 0.63), but equal SIE risk vs ETN or ADA.
04 Dec 2019 News Smoking Cessation Lowers RA Disease Activity and CV Risks