Friday, 18 Oct 2019

RA/Inflammatory arthritis

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02 Aug 2019 Social IL-18 may be a biomarker for Systemic JIA (Stills), higher w/ active dz and hx of MAS. Study of 40 sJIA pts finds elevated IL-18 levels inactive and active dz & with history of MAS. IL-18 was correlated w/ ferritin (R=0.74), CXCL9 (R=0.56), S100 (R=0.47)
01 Aug 2019 Social RA patients with an inadequate response to adalimumab, in the presence of sufficient/high ADA drug levels, benefit 33% less from switching to another TNF inhibitor, etanercept. Data 449 RA patients in the Reade Rheumatology Registry
31 Jul 2019 News Top Rheumatology Centers Led by Johns Hopkins
30 Jul 2019 Social The War on RA - is being fought daily by rheumatologists - Change, Innovation and Discovery will be driven by Rheumatologists if we are to win this war. This is the 2nd of a series on the immense challenge of #RA today. We need you!
30 Jul 2019 News War on RA - Part 2: It's All About You
29 Jul 2019 Social FDA will review to Genentechs application for Rituxan use in pediatric (age >2yrs) granulomatosis with polyangiitis & microscopic polyangiitis. If approved, this would be the 1st pediatric indication for RTX; data based on ths phase IIa PePRS study
28 Jul 2019 Social Im starting a War on RA. I need you go get mad and do your part. Read 1st of 4 part series or watch it here
26 Jul 2019 Social RT @drpnash: Effect of Filgotinib in Rheumatoid Arthritis Refractory to Disease-Modifying Antirheumatic Drugs - JAMA July 23/30 - Filgo (Ja…
25 Jul 2019 News Efficacy of Maintaining or Switching to Baricitinib Monotherapy
24 Jul 2019 Social Im starting a War on RA. I need you go get mad. Read it here or watch it here
23 Jul 2019 Social EUSTAR Study had 1451 systemic sclerosis (SSc) pts enrolled & 706 had complete data. Predictors of #SSc worsening included age, active digital ulcers, lung fibrosis, muscle weakness and elevated C-reactive protein level.
23 Jul 2019 News War on RA - Part 1: Walk on the Moon
22 Jul 2019 Social Weight loss does not reduce #RA risk. Swedish Obese (SOS) study followed 2002 bariatric surgery pts & 2034 controls. Overall 92 developed RA; RA risk now lower w/ bariatric surgery (HR 0.92; CI 0.59, 1.46) nor did wt loss; but CRP & smoking were
22 Jul 2019 Social Mayo Clinic study shows that once #RA is diagnosed with CHF, hospitalization rates were significantly higher in RA vs non-RA (RR 1.17; CI 1.08-1.26). RA \more likely to be hospitalized for non-cardiovascular (RR 1.26); not for CHF or other CV causes.
18 Jul 2019 Social Women in the OTIS Pregnancy Project (657 RA, 170 JIA vs 564 without autoimmune dz) - preterm delivery (PTD) was increased in RA & JIA (RR 2.09 & 1.81) vs control; maternal activity was assoc w/ PTD (ARR 1.58 & 1.52), steroids had a 2-5X risk of PTD
17 Jul 2019 News Upadacitinib Superior to Adalimumab in Methotrexate Refractory RA
16 Jul 2019 Social Analysis of 149 OA and 203 RA pts from Rush Univ Rheum Clinic showed the same disease burden (by RAPID3) betw OA & A at initial visits, but after 6 mos. RAPID3 was more improved in RA patients than OA patients (P < 0.001).
15 Jul 2019 Social RT @drpnash: Upadacitinib versus Placebo or Adalimumab in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis and an Inadequate Response to Methotrexate:- A…
11 Jul 2019 Social Study of 182 hospitalized adult-onset Still's disease patients shows predictive factors for developing macrophage activation syndrome to include: 1. Splenomegaly (OR 5.745), 2. pericarditis (OR 6.5), and 3. ferritin >2000 (OR 4.7).
11 Jul 2019 News CRP Utility in COPD Exacerbations