Friday, 03 Apr 2020

RA/Inflammatory arthritis

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30 Jan 2020 Social CORRONA study of ~800 RA patients shows that high and low comorbidity scores and BMI status (obese BMI ≥ 30; n = 356 vs nonobese BMI < 30; n = 449) did not impair or alter the effectiveness of tocilizumab.
30 Jan 2020 Social #UTSW Dr. Kermani - in GCA, despite variable results, MTX can be considered in GCA
30 Jan 2020 Social #UTSW Dr. Kermani - in GCA PET may be best at capturing Activity, while MRA may best define Extent of disease
30 Jan 2020 Social #UTSW Dr. Kermani - in large vessel vasculitis there are several imaging options
30 Jan 2020 Social #UTSW Dr. Kermani - in GCA aortic aneurysm is late 5+ year finding
30 Jan 2020 Social #UTSW Dr. Kermani - in GCA 11% get large artery stenosis or aortic involvement,. Some need large vessel imaging
30 Jan 2020 Social #UTSW Dr. Kermani - extracranial dz likes to do stenosis of the axillary or subclavian
29 Jan 2020 Social Growth differentiation factor-15 (GDF-15) is a myokine is upregulated in myositis, may be a biomarker. 35 pts w/ idiopathic inflammatory myopathy (IIM) had twice the levels of controls (625 vs 326 pg/ml, p = 0.01); also seen in inclusion body myositis
28 Jan 2020 News Rheumatoid Arthritis Antibodies Linked With COPD
27 Jan 2020 News 2019 EULAR Recommendations for the Management of Rheumatoid Arthritis
25 Jan 2020 Social RT @minnakohlermd: Congratulations @Sarah_L_Mackie on guidelines for GCA including #ultrasound in the algorithm! Advancing #POCUS in #vascu…
24 Jan 2020 Social New EULAR 2019 Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment recommendations are out. Rheumatologists are the specialists who should care for RA; decisions are based on disease activity, safety issues and other patient factors (comorbidities)
23 Jan 2020 Social Data from the Swedish Rheumatology Quality register (2716 RA pts) shows that biologic naive patients had longer drug survival. Men (HR 0.86) and MTX users (HR 0.85) were less likely to discontinue abatacept,
23 Jan 2020 Social #UTSW Dr Nicole Bittencourt on fever and autoinflammatory workup. Here are sources for genetic testing. I rec the Invitae autoinflammatory panel (or cash pay ~$100)
23 Jan 2020 Social RT @hausmannMD: 60% The percentage of patients at @NIH's autoinflammatory disease cohort that are undifferentiated and do not have a specif…
23 Jan 2020 Social In 80 RA pts, SJC & TJC flares seen in 36% of pts. Pt-reported flares usually reflected incr Dz activity (MD exam & US). Pts & clinicians agreed in 79–93% of joints, moreso SJ than TJ. Using US, there was high specificity (>86%) & low sensitivity (<34%)
23 Jan 2020 Social #UTSW Dr Lauren Nassi on JIA - enthesitis related arthropathy or ERA. 80% are B27+. May develop AS or SpA much later. They respond very well to TNF inhibitors
23 Jan 2020 Social #UTSW Dr Lauren Nassi on JIA - long term outcomes in Oligoarticular jia is not so benign. Half go on to polyarticular disease
23 Jan 2020 Social #UTSW Dr Lauren Nassi on JIA- red flags with Oligoarticular JIA Painful joint Hip involvement High acute phase reactants
23 Jan 2020 Social #UTSW Rheum GR Rounds Dr Lauren Nassi on JIA - JIA accounts for 50-70% of all cases in a pediatric rheum clinic