Friday, 20 Oct 2017

RA/Inflammatory arthritis

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03 Jun 2017 Social Famous RA: Lucille Ball, Sandy Koufax. Christiaan Barnard, Ruebens, James Coburn, Kathleen Turner, Edith Piaf, Renoir, Rosalind Russell
02 Jun 2017 Social Th17 cells & plasmablasts signif increased in # RA w/ BMI >25; signif correlation betw BMI & Th17, IL-1β and IL-21
02 Jun 2017 Social HAQ is strongest predictor of future major surgery; 589 RA pts in Norfolk Register for 20yrs. Is HAQ best biomarker?
02 Jun 2017 Social 108 Early RA pts (<6 mos) 41% use CAM/nutraceutical. CAM & higher DAS28 had 7 mo DMARD delay; Hi HAQ shorter delay.
31 May 2017 News Both Undertreatment and Overtreatment Common in JIA
30 May 2017 News Biologics Before Triple DMARD is Not Cost Effective in Rheumatoid Arthritis
30 May 2017 Social History, Genetics & Hereditability of #RA reviewed. 1st Dx of RA made 3 Aug 1800; HLA-DR4 discv by Dr P Stastny 1978
27 May 2017 Social RA pregnant women shown to increase type 1 interferon gene expression from pre-preg to 3rd trimester
26 May 2017 Social 23% of adult rheumatologists care for kids w/ JIA. 94% are comfortable diagnosing JIA; 76% comfortable treating JIA
24 May 2017 News NLRP3 Activation in Still's Disease
23 May 2017 Social My Approach to Difficult RA, some different thoughts/approaches, 7 drugs you've never used and more
23 May 2017 News IL-6 Inhibitor Kevzara Granted FDA Approval for Rheumatoid Arthritis
22 May 2017 Social Sarilumab becomes the 2nd IL-6 inhibitor to be approved for use in #RA, but priced at $39K, 30% below competition
22 May 2017 Social RT @_connectedcare: My book, Stuff you should know about Rheumatoid Arthritis, available now! Use 50% off code "RABOOK"…
22 May 2017 Social Multi-Morbidity is quite common in RA (25%) and correlates with disease activity (HAQ, Pt global assessment)…
19 May 2017 Social Worldwide #RA prevalence in low-middle income countries increased 2000 to 2010 (3.16 mill males, 14.87 mill females)
19 May 2017 Blog My Approach to Difficult RA
17 May 2017 Social RT @DrPetryna: @RheumNow SQ Simponi for polyJIA randomized withdrawal trial: primary endpoint not met; clincial improvement noted https:/…
17 May 2017 News Educational Intervention Facilitates Treat-to-Target Management in Rheumatoid Arthritis
16 May 2017 Social Septic arthritis lead to 16,382 ED visits 2012; .of all ED visits; >83% hospitalized, esp w/ comoribidity, arthritis