Monday, 20 May 2019

RA/Inflammatory arthritis

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17 Jan 2019 ACR Video QD Video - Enthesopathy-Related Arthritis
17 Jan 2019 Social Contraceptive surveys of 164 arthritis pts(138 Rheumatoid;26 Psoriatic) finds one-third (32-35%) using highly effective contraception; 31% using effective methods; but ineffective methods in 35.5% RA & 11.5% PsA and no contraception in 1.5% RA & 23.1% PsA
16 Jan 2019 Social RT @jeffsparks: RA risk increased up to fivefold among patients with high CCP levels
14 Jan 2019 Social Combined study of Danbio (Denmark) and ARTIS (Sweden) RA registries showed that in 8987 treatment courses of abatacept, rituximab or tocilizumab there was no difference in Serious infection rates - ranging from 4.7-8.1 SIE/100 Pt Yrs.
14 Jan 2019 ACR Video QD Video - Rheumatoid with but 1 Joint
10 Jan 2019 ACR Video QD6 - RA and Thrombocytopenia
08 Jan 2019 News Combo RA Treatment May Boost Risk for Serious Adverse Events
08 Jan 2019 ACR Video QD Video - Seronegative Arthritis
04 Jan 2019 Social 2018 Rheumatology Year In Review | RheumNow - Rheumatology News & Information
02 Jan 2019 Social Pulmonary arterial hypertension is a very uncommon complication of Adult onset Stills disease - 4.8% of 41 AOSD pts developed PAH - often severe, with a mortality risk.
01 Jan 2019 Social Abbvie has submitted its new JAK inhibitor, upadacitinib, to the FDA and EMA for consideration in moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis
28 Dec 2018 Blog Best of 2018: 5 Mistakes When Diagnosing Adult-Onset Still’s Disease
21 Dec 2018 Social RheumNow week in review is out.
20 Dec 2018 News Reassuring VTE Data for Tofacitinib
14 Dec 2018 Social RT @KDAO2011: While flu activity is starting to rise in US, CDC issued Updated Influenza Antiviral Medications Summary for Clinicians | CDC…
13 Dec 2018 Social No differences seen in the rates of major adverse CV events (MACE) between RA, axial SpA or PsA pts, suggesting inflammation, rather than a disease, drives CV risk. Data from a Swiss mixed retrospective/prospective cohort study
11 Dec 2018 News CV Risks Similar in Systemic Sclerosis and Rheumatoid Arthritis
11 Dec 2018 Social Systematic review of 41 papers shows that polymyalgia rheumatica is associated with comorbidities - CVA, CAD, peripheral arterial disease, diverticular disease, hypothyroidism, but there is disagreement as to an association betw PMR and cancer.
09 Dec 2018 Social RheumNow Podcast is Up - Can RA be Prevented? watch here or listen on iTunes, Stitcher or Soundcloud
06 Dec 2018 Social J. Hopkins study of 27 pts with inflammatory arthritis due to immune checkpoint inhibitors (mostly European ancestry) shows higher rate (61.5%) of at least 1 Shared Epitope allele (similar to RA pts) but were more likely to be seronegative for RF or CCP