Tuesday, 25 Sep 2018

RA/Inflammatory arthritis

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30 May 2018 Social Retrospective study shows exposure to vapour, gas, dust and fumes (VGDF) increases risk of RF (not ACPA) positivity. Combined smoking and and VDGF exposure increases risk of RF and lower age of RA diagnosis than smokers with no VGDF exposure https://t.co/J1gmMMbjTU
30 May 2018 News Increased Risk of Depression and Anxiety in Rheumatoid Arthritis
30 May 2018 Social 5 Yr study of 403 early RA patients shows radiographic progression occurred in 143 (35.5%), more likely with high dose steroids and less likely with >36 mos of biologic therapy. https://t.co/onKuurpwZL
29 May 2018 Social In a DMARD naive, early RA cohort (U-Act) study, predictors of inadequate response to MTX included higher DAS28 (OR=2), current smoking (OR=3) and no alcohol consumption. https://t.co/FTxv5ZxObP
29 May 2018 Social British Biologics Registry of 19282 RA patients -the biologic SIE rate was 5.51 per 100 patient-yrs. The risk of death in the first 30days following a serious infection was 10% https://t.co/sIwd9S8QJM
26 May 2018 Social RT @ACRSimpleTasks: Beauty blogger Monica Sengupta is redefining fine art and beauty blogging. Steal her RA-friendly makeup secrets. Read m…
23 May 2018 Social What’s your oddest, but most effective combo regimen for refractory RA?
22 May 2018 Social Does high IL-26 levels in chronic smokers account for higher disease activity in RA and Crohns by mobilizing neutrophil activity? https://t.co/A1arwrSzDc
22 May 2018 Social >50% of RA pts fail to receive influenza vaccination (highest in Younger, infrequent visits, Hi ESR, negative vaccine views). The problem was cut in half by using a multimodal intervention (education, EMR alerts, weekly provider-e-mail reminders) https://t.co/H8BxrLVAri
21 May 2018 Social Study of 85 RA patients demonstrates a prothrombotic tendency that is predicted by those with higher DAS-28, CRP, and platelet counts. https://t.co/wqU8XNzIDK
21 May 2018 News Autoinflammatory Syndromes Show Dramatic Response to Canakinumab
21 May 2018 Social RA pts have a 2 fold risk of osteoporosis-related fractures. High titer CCP levels assoc. w/ lower BMD and lean body mass assoc w/ higher BMD https://t.co/3cxPaiNIn6
18 May 2018 Social RheumNow week in Review is up - both the podcast on iTunes & SoundCloud https://t.co/Os92ZocE0x or watch it on oiur website https://t.co/BtbRpNP8VI
18 May 2018 Social Swedish RA registry study shows that exposure to passive smoking is not associated risk of ACPA+ or ACPA neg RA. https://t.co/AAlmR2clcw
18 May 2018 News Treat-to-Target a Bust with Rheumatologists
15 May 2018 News Epigenetic Link in Rheumatoid Arthritis to Huntington's Disease
15 May 2018 Social Setpoint announces a phase I trial studying a new Vagus Nerve Stimulation in RA. Only 15pts will be recruited from select sites in Florida, Altoona PA, Northwell onw LI. https://t.co/pc0MS9KGyk https://t.co/9pDHdxLx5c
15 May 2018 Social Genentech announces that the FDA has approved Actemra for use in Active Polyarticular Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis. https://t.co/E4z3K5LeBQ
15 May 2018 Social RA pts have a greater risk of CVA; Study of 7904 RA pts shows that short-term methotrexate might decrease ischemic stroke risk, but hydroxychloroquine and sulfasalazine did not. https://t.co/gRM9yrJOS0
14 May 2018 News Mortality Predictors in Rheumatoid Arthritis