Wednesday, 21 Nov 2018

RA/Inflammatory arthritis

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02 Jul 2018 Social How do Rheumatologists diagnose Still’s disease (SJIA) A Rheumatologist survey - Make Your views count; RHEUMS vote HERE
02 Jul 2018 Social In early arthritis clinics in Leeds and UK ERAS study (454 &895 pts), DMARD free remission seen in 15-9.4%; predictors included acute onset, short Sx duration, NO smoking, No Xray damage, Seronegativity, absent HLA shared epitope alleles
02 Jul 2018 Social Australian RCT - Trochanteric bursitis (glueal tendinopathy) Rx w/ either education + exercise (EDX), steroid injx or "wait & see". EDX wins w/ better pain and global scores at wk 8 & better global scores at wk 52 (still less pain)
28 Jun 2018 Social RT @StefanSiebert1: NICE Quality standards for Spondyloarthitis published
28 Jun 2018 News Does RA Have a Prodrome?
26 Jun 2018 Social Study of 20,000+ patients receiving knee or hip replacements finds that, compared to OA, #RA patients have a high risk of post-op MI (HZ 3.54) and more revision surgeries (HZ 1.61)over 10 yrs
25 Jun 2018 Social Taiwan claims analysis of #RA patients shows that despite low rates (10-20%) of influenza vaccination, those vaccinated had a significant ~35% lower rate of death and hospitalization (sepsis, bacteremia, viremia)
25 Jun 2018 News Can DMARDs Delay Rheumatoid Onset?
25 Jun 2018 Social Taiwan claims study of 845 pregnancies in RA shows a higher rates of low birthweight (65%), prematurity (41% higher) and small for their gestational age (62%)
21 Jun 2018 Social In RA pts, as CRP increases in the normal range (<6 mg/L), CRP increases assoc w/ increases in systolic BP; above CRP >6mg/L the systolic BP declines. Reasons for this inverse U shaped correlation unclear.
20 Jun 2018 ACR Video Dr. Ronan Kavanagh at EULAR 2018 on Coffee and Methotrexate
20 Jun 2018 ACR Video Dr. Janet Pope at EULAR 2018 on Heart Disease and Rheumatoid Arthritis
20 Jun 2018 Social Pts w/ ANCA+ assoc vasculitis may be at risk for serious infection, esp during induction. Study of 248 pts shows SIE in 1/3 of pts - risk factors for SIE include: Age, smoking, Cr ≥5.7, CD4+ T cell< 281, IV-CYC
20 Jun 2018 News Seronegative and Seropositive Rheumatoids Respond Equally Well
20 Jun 2018 Social Among 113 JIA patients, screening with fecal calprotectin levels found 7/113 with two consecutive elevations of FC. On colonscopy, all patients had IBD.
20 Jun 2018 Social Checkout this audio file PODCAST from Day 3 at EULAR 2018 - listen here on on iTunes, Stitcher, etc.
17 Jun 2018 News We Measure What we do in RA, But so What?
17 Jun 2018 News Does RA kill you? Let me count the ways….and what you can do about it
17 Jun 2018 Social RT @SethSaidSo: Our findings indicate that patients are highly deferential to their physician’s recommendations for treatment escalation. #…
16 Jun 2018 Social RT @Janetbirdope: ERA pain evolves over 1st yr and unlinks with inflammation but is related to poor sleep, disability & comorbidities. CATC…