Friday, 21 Feb 2020

RA/Inflammatory arthritis

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21 Nov 2019 Social ACR has released 3 FREE "SPOTLIGHT" Slide Decks on RA, SLE, SpA; ~15 slides each deck; compilations of cool abstracts presented at #ACR19. Use the link supplied below
20 Nov 2019 Social abstr#0848 - Retrospective study Medicare database to evaluat outcomes of chronic low dose steroids (GCs) in Rheum Dz: n= 246,297, 47% on GCs. Pts on steroids have : 1. ⬆️ use of narcotics (pain) 2. RA 3. ⬆️hosp visits related to infx 4. Less f/u
20 Nov 2019 Social Abstr#1898 #acr19 @kDAO2011. Danish prospective RA registry of pregnancy & offspring n= 816 - kids of moms w/ RA performed a little worse in math grades 2,4,6, 8 compared to peers regardless of maternal seropositivity. No influence by paternal RA.
20 Nov 2019 ACR Video Patient Beliefs on Methotrexate: Dr. Janet Pope
19 Nov 2019 News MRI in the Diagnosis and Management of Polymyalgia Rheumatica
19 Nov 2019 Social Abstract L06 shows the efficacy of Emapalumab, an IFN-γ mAb, when given to 9 systemic JIA pts who developed macrophage activation syndrome. Highly effective showing ability to lower steroid use #ACR19
18 Nov 2019 ACR Video Shoulder MRI for PMR: Dr. Paul Sufka
18 Nov 2019 ACR Video SELECT-MONOTHERAPY Trial: Dr. Mike Putman
18 Nov 2019 ACR Video Will Reduction of RF affect Erosions in RA (Abstract #464): Dr. Janet Pope
18 Nov 2019 News Autoinflammatory Diseases at the ACR Annual Meeting
18 Nov 2019 ACR Video Clinical Infection Risk and Safety Profiles in RA: Dr. Kathryn Dao
18 Nov 2019 ACR Video MACE + VTE Across Upadacitinib Studies in RA Patients: Dr. Jonathan Kay
18 Nov 2019 ACR Video Upadacitinib in RA: Dr. Cassandra Calabrese
13 Nov 2019 Social RT @hausmannMD: "I usually do not" give methotrexate to men with RA who are trying to conceive. Dr. Bathon. "But methotrexate is in serum…
13 Nov 2019 Social RT @hausmannMD: The most interesting disease topic of #ACR19? Systemic JIA-associated lung disease. An increasingly recognized complication…
13 Nov 2019 ACR Video SJIA-associated ILD: Dr. Jonathan Hausmann
13 Nov 2019 Social RT @Janetbirdope: Killed zoster vaccine was safe with no flare of RA and PsA We need to know if response was good. #ACR19 @RheumNow abst2…
13 Nov 2019 Social RT @Janetbirdope: Tofacitinib works in Polyarticular JIA. Maybe new hope for kids with JIA and benefits of oral medication #ACR #ACR19 #JIA…
13 Nov 2019 Social RT @Janetbirdope: Remission ever or sustained in RA is same on triple DMARDs Therapy bs biological Rx. From Swedish register. ?channeling b…
13 Nov 2019 ACR Video Inflammatory Arthritis Persists After Immunotherapy Cessation: Dr. David Liew