Wednesday, 01 Apr 2020

RA/Inflammatory arthritis

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26 Nov 2019 Social NEW Guidelines for the Management of GCA from #ACR19 in one table 1. Recommend Temp Art. Bx over TA U/S for dx GCA 2. Pts should receive TCZ up front 3. Don't treat asymptomatic CRP, monitor patients closely Overall in line with my practice, though I'm pro TA U/S @EBRheum
26 Nov 2019 Social 60%!!! - Thats the percentage of patients at @NIH's autoinflammatory disease (FEBRILE) cohort that are undifferentiated and do not have a specific disease diagnosis according to Dr. Amanda Ombrello. #ACR19 @hausmannMD
26 Nov 2019 News Systemic JIA-Associated Lung Disease
25 Nov 2019 Social One of the hardest things about PMR is getting a reliable diagnosis - no biomarker and no histopath. Imaging has potential, and my colleague @drceowen has made a simple algorithm for reliable/replicable PET/CT dx #ACR19 ABST0755 @drdavidliew
25 Nov 2019 News Tapering Of Therapy In RA: Maybe Not So Aggressive Next Time
22 Nov 2019 News ACR 2019 - Report From Day 3 (Tuesday)
21 Nov 2019 News Muscle Loss and Frailty in Rheumatic Disease
21 Nov 2019 Social Long term results for GCA pts on TCZ (GiACTA): No new safety signals. Nearly 50% of those on TCZ QW maintained remission. Flares noted in PBO/ cessation TCZ and remission restored in majority once TCZ restarted. Plenary abs #808 #ACR19 @uptoTate
21 Nov 2019 News ACR 2019 - Report From Day 2 (Monday)
21 Nov 2019 Social ACR has released 3 FREE "SPOTLIGHT" Slide Decks on RA, SLE, SpA; ~15 slides each deck; compilations of cool abstracts presented at #ACR19. Use the link supplied below
20 Nov 2019 Social abstr#0848 - Retrospective study Medicare database to evaluat outcomes of chronic low dose steroids (GCs) in Rheum Dz: n= 246,297, 47% on GCs. Pts on steroids have : 1. ⬆️ use of narcotics (pain) 2. RA 3. ⬆️hosp visits related to infx 4. Less f/u
20 Nov 2019 Social Abstr#1898 #acr19 @kDAO2011. Danish prospective RA registry of pregnancy & offspring n= 816 - kids of moms w/ RA performed a little worse in math grades 2,4,6, 8 compared to peers regardless of maternal seropositivity. No influence by paternal RA.
20 Nov 2019 ACR Video Patient Beliefs on Methotrexate: Dr. Janet Pope
19 Nov 2019 News MRI in the Diagnosis and Management of Polymyalgia Rheumatica
19 Nov 2019 Social Abstract L06 shows the efficacy of Emapalumab, an IFN-γ mAb, when given to 9 systemic JIA pts who developed macrophage activation syndrome. Highly effective showing ability to lower steroid use #ACR19
18 Nov 2019 ACR Video Shoulder MRI for PMR: Dr. Paul Sufka
18 Nov 2019 ACR Video SELECT-MONOTHERAPY Trial: Dr. Mike Putman
18 Nov 2019 ACR Video Will Reduction of RF affect Erosions in RA (Abstract #464): Dr. Janet Pope
18 Nov 2019 News Autoinflammatory Diseases at the ACR Annual Meeting
18 Nov 2019 ACR Video Clinical Infection Risk and Safety Profiles in RA: Dr. Kathryn Dao