Friday, 20 Oct 2017

RA/Inflammatory arthritis

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25 Apr 2017 Social RA Study shows Wt loss assoc w/ CV risk; Overweight protective of CV mortality & UnderWT incr risk of resp mortality
25 Apr 2017 Social WHO study of 31 countries shows RA mortality rates declined 48% from 1987-2011; 7.1 to 3.7/mil-years 1987 fo 2009-11
24 Apr 2017 Social Sequencing 750 genes in 1,094 RA pts fails to identify genes correlating w/ TNFi resp or Dz activity; biomarker bust
24 Apr 2017 Social EU CHMP recommends the anti-IL6 drug sarilumab (Kevzara; Sanofi) for approval/use in RA. EMA decision awaited.
20 Apr 2017 Social Long term followup of RA pts on Norfolk registry demonstrate better SURVIVAL when DMARDs are started early (<6 mos)
17 Apr 2017 Social Lyme disease hits 2016 record high in Maine; 1464 cases, up by 21% from 2015. Most increased Penobscot Co since 201…
17 Apr 2017 Social Norway population study shows self-reported dx of RA & AS highly inaccurate, 19% RA, 16% AS verified by hosp records
14 Apr 2017 Social 396 RA pts on bisphosphonates showed compliance 60% & persistence 63% @1yr; 33% @ 3yrs worse w/ monthly > weekly BP
13 Apr 2017 Social Nurses Health Study shows after adjusting for smoking & obesity, a healthy diet significantly lowers risk of #RA
13 Apr 2017 Social Lancet article shows Mortality in #RA dropped 14% from 2005 (0.6/100K) to 2015 (0.5/100K)
12 Apr 2017 Social ACR expresses concern over ICER economic eval of RA therapies. Concerned about lack of long term data, cost of care
12 Apr 2017 Social Swedish Registry shows lymphoma risk in RA is higher, as in in historical cohorts, but DMARD & TNFi don't incr risk
11 Apr 2017 Social Study of RA & population, higher BMI assoc w/ higher CRP, esp in women w/ severe obesity. ESR too, but men different
11 Apr 2017 Social Educating pts on exercise and using pedometers and step goals shown to significantly improve fatigue levels in #RA
06 Apr 2017 Social Dr Holers Mucosal evidence: IgA autoAb present, airway dz in ACPA+ FDR, IgA plasmablasts, dysbiosis (gut, periodontal) in At risk individs
06 Apr 2017 Social Dr. Holers - Stopping smoking will reduced risk but data from Nurses Health Study says you need to be off for 20yrs…
06 Apr 2017 Social Dr M Holers shows 1st Degree relatives (FDR) about 16% are RF or CCP positive, increased by smoking @CCF Biologics Summit VII
06 Apr 2017 Social Dr McInnes -"RA synovium in inflammation tells us much, but the synovium in remission is likely to tell us more"
06 Apr 2017 Social Dr McInnes - miR155 induces TNF production and correlates with RA dz activity. anti-miR155 improves arthritis induced in mice.
06 Apr 2017 Social Dr McInnes - micro RNA (miRNA) is only 22 base pairs long, binds to nl RNA and leads to its destruction. 1 miRNA regulates >20 RNAs