Friday, 18 Oct 2019

RA/Inflammatory arthritis

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29 Apr 2019 News Shorter Treatment Succeeds in Septic Arthritis
26 Apr 2019 Social RheumNow Podcast is up ! Cardiac risk in RA sibs; NSAIDS & Fx nonunion; Treating Calcinosis Cutis; whats a Skyrizi? Watch the video or listen to the podcast on iTUNES or SoundCloud >> htps//soundcloud/rheumnow/rheumnow-podcast-take-it-back-jack-42619
26 Apr 2019 Social Animal data suggests targeting of neutrophils in APS may mitigate thrombotic disease. Adenosine recept agonists suppresses aPL Ab-mediated NETosis & reduces IVC thrombosis. Same shown for dipyridamole (incr. adenosine & cAMP breakdown).
26 Apr 2019 News Targeting GM-CSF Works in Rheumatoid Arthritis
25 Apr 2019 Social RT @jrheum: Biologic and Glucocorticoid Use after Methotrexate Initiation in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis htt…
25 Apr 2019 Social Results from Nationwide Inpatient Sample Database (2003–11) finds 31,439 obstetric hosp. in RA women who had a higher maternal age (30.5 yrs) & significantly more HTN, premature membr. rupture, antepartum hemorrhage, preterm delivery, IUGR & C sections
25 Apr 2019 Social Swedish population study compared 8109 RA pts and 11562 full siblings to the general population, finding the risk of acute coronary syndrome to be increased in RA (HR 1.46; 1.28 -1.67) and RA Sibs (HR 1.22; 1.09 - 1.38) w/ risks confined to seropositives
24 Apr 2019 Social 3002 UK study shows that statin (atorvastatin) use in RA is safe and effective - resulting in significant reduction in Cardiac/MACE events (HR 0.60), LDL (HR 0.77) and CRP and confers a risk reduction similar to that seen in other populations
24 Apr 2019 Social UK NHS study shows RA patients have a 1 in 5 lifetime risk of knee and hip replacement. 13 961 RA pts fins a 22% (TKR) and 17% (THR) risk following a RA Dx (for an avg 64 yr F, nonsmoker, BMI27). Risk is even higher in younger patients.
22 Apr 2019 News Statins in RA Patients Without CVD: Nonsignificant Results
21 Apr 2019 Social RT @EBRheum: Namilumab (mono ab to GM-CSF, Granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor) with good efficacy among MTX/TNF inadequate re…
17 Apr 2019 Social TARA study takes 189 #RA pts in remission on combo Rx and tapers either the csDMARD or biologic. At 1 year, flare rates were similar 33% (DMARD) vs 43% (biologic). Tapering TNF inhibitors was superior, but would have saved more $$.
15 Apr 2019 Social AC&R reports on a VA study of Temporal Arter (3,057 Bxs - 306 [10%]were Bx+). Positive TAB significantly increased w/ Bxlength >3.0 cm (OR 1.58), B/L Bx (OR 1.83), age >71 yrs. Prednisone use (up to42 days prior) did not influence TAB results.
10 Apr 2019 Social Long term tofacitinib in RA shows lymphocyte #s dropped ~24% by 48 mos. Monitor ALC at baseline & q3 mos; ALC <500 seen in 1.2% of 2983 pts and was assoc w/ higher risk of SIE & Zoster. ALC <500 more likely with low ALC, age, higher dose Tofa & MTX
09 Apr 2019 Social US Veterans Study examined 17,415 patients starting MTX - only 20.6% started a biologic w/in 2-yrs. Biologic use was significantly lower in elderly [aHR 0.20 ≥ 80 vs < 50], pts w/ comorbidities [aHR 0.79], CHF [0.68], cancer [0.78] & nonwhites [0.79]
08 Apr 2019 News Increasing Prevalence and Consequences of Interstitial Lung Disease in RA
08 Apr 2019 Social Analysis of CareRA, early RA 330 pt trial shows long term outcomes linked to initial response type rather than regimen. Best PROMs in the 42% with early persistent response. 9% were primary NR, 28% secondary NR, 21% delayed responders.
04 Apr 2019 Social RT @rheumarhyme: #RNL2019 But ANCA wont completely replace it. (depends on scenario) --Dr Langford
01 Apr 2019 News RheumNowLive On Demand: MTX Impact in RA - Dr. Michael Weinblatt
01 Apr 2019 News RheumNowLive On Demand: Pre-Clinical RA - Dr. Michael Holers