Friday, 20 Oct 2017

RA/Inflammatory arthritis

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06 Apr 2017 Social Dr McInnes - RA pathogenesis focused on the macrophage via interactions with Tcells, ICs, DAMPs, Proteases, Oxysterols, Cytokines, MICL Abs
06 Apr 2017 Social Dr McInnes - in #RA the immune system dynamics change as the disease evolves; yet our therapies/approach unchanged and not keenly targeted
06 Apr 2017 Social Dr Iain McInnes "One of the major lessons in the last decade is that we are bad at choosing the right target" CCF Biologic Therapies Summit
05 Apr 2017 Social Review of Fertility, Pregnancy & Lactation in RA in Rheum Dis Clinics. Call for T2T Rx in pregnant RA pts.
05 Apr 2017 Social Studies showing cognitive impairment in #RA - probs w/ verbal, memory, attention. worse w/ age, depression, activity
04 Apr 2017 Social Those were NOT the "golden" days of rheumatology; and the gold standard was nevre gold
04 Apr 2017 Slide of the day High Risk for Serious Infection
01 Apr 2017 Social Erosions begets erosions; Studies show baseline Xrays best predictor of damage. Initial Xrays a must! thereafter, eh
31 Mar 2017 Social Adaptive immunity evolved 450 mill yrs ago, in jawless hagfish & lampreys expressing VLR recpts & Ag specific resp. Dr Max Cooper @ #ATT2017
31 Mar 2017 Social Dr S Raychaudhuri shows position 13 of HLA-DRB1 accounts for ~90% risk for rheumatoid arthritis #ATT2017
30 Mar 2017 Social Dr van der Heidje suggests optimal T2T measure be impt to pt, linked to ultimate outcome/damage, reliable, weighted components & validatedj
29 Mar 2017 Social Paraneoplastic polyarthritis - more likley affects men & w/ oligoarthritis, very high ESR/CRP, low RF/CCP+. Dr Manger #TargetedTherapies
29 Mar 2017 Social How do you manage "difficult RA" patients? The ones who "flunked out" of other Rheum clinics and usual therapies?
27 Mar 2017 Social EMA approves Xeljanz (tofacitinib) use in the EU; for mod-severe RA; dose 5 mg bid in combo or as monoRx. .
27 Mar 2017 Social ACTHAR, an unproven Rx, under scrutiny; use to cosT$1650 in 2007, now $38000; costing Medicare a $half-billion/yr.
25 Mar 2017 Social Multiple studies show intake of high-fructose "sugary" sodas are associated w/ higher risk of rheumatoid arthritis
24 Mar 2017 Social Review of Poor prognostic factors guiding treatment in #RA - Hi DAS, Erosion CCP, Xtra-Articular, HAQ, biomarkers
24 Mar 2017 News Rheumatic Manifestations Following Chikungunya Infection
22 Mar 2017 Social Review of Chikungunya virus arthritis: Begins w/ fever, then rash;myalgia, arthralgia, <60% chr inflam polyarthritis
20 Mar 2017 Social #RA pts admitted to ICU w/ sepsis are more likely to have shock & severe sepsis, & more 3 yr mortality than non-RA