Friday, 23 Mar 2018

RA/Inflammatory arthritis

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20 Oct 2017 Social Prof. J Bijlisma presents U-ACT trial in very early RA. Shows MTX + TCZ leads to early sustained remission, chance…
19 Oct 2017 Social Of the ~65% early RA pts on low dose pred (3.1mg/d) x7 yrs had more NSAIDs, DMARD, biologics, Dz activity, CRP & CCP
17 Oct 2017 Social 10 pts on immune Checkpoint inhib- 6 got seropositive RA, 4PMR, 1-9 mos after Rx, all Rx steroids or DMARDs
12 Oct 2017 Social Rare Antimalarial cardiomyopathy 47 cases seen in RA & SLE, w/ 45% mortality, presents as CHF, syncope or AV Block.
12 Oct 2017 Social 1491 RA pts in REGATE study - 1st SIE rate 4.9/100PY. Increased SIE risk w/ LEF, high DAS28, ACPA neg, ANC >5000.
12 Oct 2017 Social prospective 16wk study of NSAID W/D in RA w/ DAS<3.2-85% success w/o change in DAS28 or PRO, esp in those w/ SJC=0
10 Oct 2017 Social RT @_connectedcare: Breastfeeding in rheumatoid: more data showing Cimzia use is safe
05 Oct 2017 Social 16 207 RA pts >65yrs Study shows non-serious infx rate of 47.5/100PY; increased 20% by steroid use.Infx common in RA
04 Oct 2017 Blog Rules for Drug Cessation with Infection
04 Oct 2017 Social Clinically suspect arthralgia- Pos Serology increases RA risk: CCP HR 8.5; RF 5.1; CarbP Ab 3.9; RF+CCP+ has PPV 67%
04 Oct 2017 Social Frequence of Secondary Sjogrens is 20% in RA and 14% in SLE - with a >15 to 1 female to male ratio
02 Oct 2017 Social Idiopathic arthralgias pts with no US synovitis have negative predictive value 89% for developing inflam arthritis
02 Oct 2017 Blog Q Fever - The Intersection of Rheum and ID
30 Sep 2017 Social Olmstead Co. Mayo Clinic study shows asthma significantly assoc w/ increased risks of RA (adj OR 1.74)
29 Sep 2017 Social ~1/3 RA pts rank their Dz activity higher than their Rheum; more likely seroneg, LDAS w/ FM, Depression, high pain#s
29 Sep 2017 Social in RA, Smoking status recorded in 40%; cessation counseling in only 10% & was less likely when RA was controlled.
27 Sep 2017 News Increased Deaths in RA, Despite Decreasing Mortality Rates
26 Sep 2017 Social Kevzara (sarilumab) has been recommended by UK NICE for use with MTX in adults with severe, active RA
25 Sep 2017 Social Olmstead Co. Mayo Clinic study shows asthma significantly assoc w/ increased risks of RA (adj OR 1.74)
23 Sep 2017 Social RheumNow Wk in review is up! Watch the video or listen to podcast