Thursday, 17 Aug 2017

RA/Inflammatory arthritis

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27 Jan 2017 Social Bronchiectasis Rheumatoid overlap syndr (BROS):an independent risk factor for mortality in pts with bronchiectasis
26 Jan 2017 Social RT @CCalabreseDO: Risk of VTE in GCA peaks at the time of diagnosis, prior to steroids @RheumNow @HealioRheum
26 Jan 2017 Social Nearly half of pts believe they know cause of their PMR: age, meds, stress, other medical Dxs; other half "no idea"
24 Jan 2017 News C5a and Neutrophils as Early Mediators in Inflammatory Arthritis
24 Jan 2017 Social Among 103 SLE pts ~10% had "Rhupus" polyarthritis; they had less renal, but more joints, erosions, hi ESR/CRP levels
23 Jan 2017 Social Creaky Joints publishes Patient’s Guide to Living with Rheumatoid Arthritis written by patients & MDs downloadable
19 Jan 2017 Social High neutrophil-lymph ratio (NLR) >4 seen w/ GPA severity w/ renal. Also high w/ RA, CVD, inflammation, smoking, CA
19 Jan 2017 Social Lyme dz found at 9 US National Parks in Maine: Maryland; Fire Island, NY; Gettysburg Pennsylvania; DC & Virginia
18 Jan 2017 Social ARD study shows IL-12 (guselkumab), IL-12/23 (ustekinumab) no more effective than placebo in #RA (41%, 54%, 40%)
17 Jan 2017 Social 141 RA pts studied ESR, CRP, IL6, VEGF, Calprotectin & Jt US. Calprotectin highest assoc w/ US synovitis & response
15 Jan 2017 Social RT @ArthritisRes: Calprotectin potential marker for evaluating inflammation and responsiveness in patients with RA on bDMARD treatment http…
14 Jan 2017 Social Interstitial fibrosis. look for pleural plaques (asbestosis), calcinosis (PSS) mediastinal LN (silicosis)
13 Jan 2017 Social If #RA pts have hi levels of IL-17 & restricted IL17 polymorphisms, why NO response to Cosentyx, Taltz, brodalumab?
12 Jan 2017 News TREG Innovators Win the Crafoord Prize
06 Jan 2017 Social RT @doctorakerkar: Study shows high-fiber diet may reduce #gout inflammation
05 Jan 2017 Social Among 40,000 Dutch, 1% had ACPA+; 22% had #RA. ACPA assoc w/ being older, female, joint sx, smoking, RA relatives
05 Jan 2017 Social DMARDs Under Study for Secondary Prevention of Cardiovascular Events | RheumNow - Rheumatology News & Information
30 Dec 2016 Social Myriad faces loss of Medicare pay for RA VECTRA-DA test, based on recent CMS report. THIS HASNT HAPPENED YET.
30 Dec 2016 Social Incident RA prevalence=0.63%; 2/3 Rx w/ DMARD, but 28% were not. 38% @1yr & 15% @2yr never seen by Rheumatologist
28 Dec 2016 Social Claims data >500K people in metro areas shows 58% RA pts see a RHEUM, 64% Rx a DMARD, 30% biologic pts had TB screen