Tuesday, 22 Oct 2019

RA/Inflammatory arthritis

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06 May 2019 Social Study of 281 Italian pts with temporal artery Bx-proven Giant cell arteritis shows increased mortality w/ large vessel involvement (HR 5.14) at diagnosis, and reduced mortality with PMR onset (HR 0.57) & adventitial inflammation (HR 0.31) on TABx. https://t.co/iF90cqYtqn
06 May 2019 News Denosumab Protects Against RA Erosions
03 May 2019 Social Analysis of new drug registration trials in RA (1998-2018) shows an increase in placebo responses (significant for ACR50 & ACR70); yet with significant reductions in Disease duration, SJCand DAS28-ESR. Changes in RA? RCTs? expectation bias? https://t.co/at6uesuNvL
02 May 2019 Social DESIRABLE study from JAPAN Rx 654 (relatively) early, MTX tx RA pts with PBO, or Prolia given q3 or q6 mos. Denosumab lead to significant reductions in Erosion scores, total Xray (not JSN) and increased BMD (vs PBO); no effect on ACR20/50/70. https://t.co/DQrmXYrhAf
02 May 2019 Social Study of 213 RApatients starting MTX. After mean F/U 4.3 yrs and 6288 ALT tests, 7% had ALT elevation; 21% of these were ALT>1.5×ULN. Strongest predictor was a pre‐treatment elevation of ALT (OR 6). 3% permanently stopped MTX due to ALT elevation. https://t.co/ti4ClypXgQ
01 May 2019 ACR Video RheumNow Live Preview with Dr. Carol Langford (Dx, Mgmt & Monitoring of GPA)
01 May 2019 Social 8/171 ANCA-Assoc Vasculitis pts had Uncommon manifestations - often seen in PR3+, very young or very old w/ delay in Dx (~12 mos); includes Pancreatitis, unusual pulmonary dz (cystic lung disease; usual interstitial pneumonia) or splenic infarcts https://t.co/UFONWMTYYi
30 Apr 2019 News New ACR/AF Guidelines on JIA Polyarthritis and Uveitis
29 Apr 2019 Slide of the day Spectrum of Autoinflammatory Syndromes
29 Apr 2019 News Shorter Treatment Succeeds in Septic Arthritis
26 Apr 2019 Social RheumNow Podcast is up ! Cardiac risk in RA sibs; NSAIDS & Fx nonunion; Treating Calcinosis Cutis; whats a Skyrizi? Watch the video https://t.co/NNsUFcGkWT or listen to the podcast on iTUNES or SoundCloud >> htps//soundcloud/rheumnow/rheumnow-podcast-take-it-back-jack-42619
26 Apr 2019 Social Animal data suggests targeting of neutrophils in APS may mitigate thrombotic disease. Adenosine recept agonists suppresses aPL Ab-mediated NETosis & reduces IVC thrombosis. Same shown for dipyridamole (incr. adenosine & cAMP breakdown). https://t.co/BHACehh0lb
26 Apr 2019 News Targeting GM-CSF Works in Rheumatoid Arthritis
25 Apr 2019 Social RT @jrheum: Biologic and Glucocorticoid Use after Methotrexate Initiation in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis https://t.co/kuX8X6l99V htt…
25 Apr 2019 Social Results from Nationwide Inpatient Sample Database (2003–11) finds 31,439 obstetric hosp. in RA women who had a higher maternal age (30.5 yrs) & significantly more HTN, premature membr. rupture, antepartum hemorrhage, preterm delivery, IUGR & C sections https://t.co/pz5uQH5rrx
25 Apr 2019 Social Swedish population study compared 8109 RA pts and 11562 full siblings to the general population, finding the risk of acute coronary syndrome to be increased in RA (HR 1.46; 1.28 -1.67) and RA Sibs (HR 1.22; 1.09 - 1.38) w/ risks confined to seropositives https://t.co/oYUP3jgY60
24 Apr 2019 Social 3002 UK study shows that statin (atorvastatin) use in RA is safe and effective - resulting in significant reduction in Cardiac/MACE events (HR 0.60), LDL (HR 0.77) and CRP and confers a risk reduction similar to that seen in other populations https://t.co/Zl2KaK12P5
24 Apr 2019 Social UK NHS study shows RA patients have a 1 in 5 lifetime risk of knee and hip replacement. 13 961 RA pts fins a 22% (TKR) and 17% (THR) risk following a RA Dx (for an avg 64 yr F, nonsmoker, BMI27). Risk is even higher in younger patients. https://t.co/asOVrRUZLx
22 Apr 2019 News Statins in RA Patients Without CVD: Nonsignificant Results
21 Apr 2019 Social RT @EBRheum: Namilumab (mono ab to GM-CSF, Granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor) with good efficacy among MTX/TNF inadequate re…