Tuesday, 07 Apr 2020

TNF inhibitor

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11 Mar 2020 Social 193 #RA pts starting a TNFi followed for 12ms; 21.7% were non‐adherent to TNFi - No difference between different TNFi's. Predictors of nonadherence included High age, low DZ activity, ^^comorbidities, more injection site pain & Rxns https://t.co/qclzJiglMj
06 Oct 2015 Social Enbrels patent (2029) being challenged by Sandoz's etanercept biosimilar recently filed w/ the FDA http://t.co/73CDlh4l05
22 Feb 2016 Social Emery & colleagues plan to study rapidity/depth of remission of VERY early Enbrel (@1st visit) in early RA (VEDERA) https://t.co/UsoUlt9PoH
16 Sep 2016 Social Humira price has increased 6% q 3month for 3 yrs - now $15 billion/yr in USA - what wil happen when biosimilars hi https://t.co/gmX8TeD4ll
28 Apr 2016 Social Metanalysis: TNFi assoc w/ increase risk of perioperative infx (SSI): BUT risk decreases >38% w/ temporary cessation https://t.co/yuSudErjlj
25 Oct 2018 Social RT @WIRheum: MTB screening in patients on TNFi When to re-screen? Neg to pos conversion discovered in a small number of cases Often in p…
29 Jun 2015 Social EU approves Simponi for Rx of adults with severe, non-radiographic axial spondyloarthritis, based on GO-AHEAD study. http://t.co/FqnMq2MpIY
08 Mar 2017 Social Case and Review- Etanercept and other TNFi can be safely used to treat HIV positive patients. https://t.co/Ak0YE8XuuO
09 Jul 2015 Social 1964 Turkish pts Rx w/ TNF inhibitors- TB rate of 466/100,000. TB risk greatest w/ Behcets; lower if PPD >10mm http://t.co/rWJIBKA3MO
02 Apr 2017 Social Abbvie announces that Humira is now FDA approved for use in severe finger nail psoriasis. https://t.co/hRkbtCqWPn
03 Dec 2015 Social In a placebo controlled RCT, 3 mg/kg infliximab injx fails to improve Sciatica from PostOp peridural lumbar fibrosis https://t.co/4dnmhLOZ4F
06 Nov 2017 Social RT @japaoli19: Crib study shows no detectable levels of CZP on infants umbilical cords #ACR17 @RheumNow https://t.co/7C1ctxv76c
23 Mar 2016 Social Real life H2H comparison 295 Humira & 84 Infliximab Rx Crohns showed non-significant equal failure rates (21 vs 25%) https://t.co/okUyyCE4nL
18 Oct 2016 Social TNF inhibitor use in 16 renal transplant pts w/ good efficacy, no decline in GFR x2yrs, but 1/2 had Serious infxns https://t.co/2UHyaiVOpM
31 May 2016 Social Recurrent acute anterior uveitis responds to golimumab 50 mg qmo; 12/15 eyes from B27+ AS pts going into remission https://t.co/0ttwTe56zv
12 Jan 2017 Social ARTIS #RA registry shows those initiating TNFi within 3 yrs of onset, double their odds of returning to work. https://t.co/WytSlSYRj1
17 Feb 2020 Social Slovenian National TB Registry (a non-endemic area w/ TB rate 6/100k similar to US). 2429 TNFi exposed (RA, AS, PsA)-6% required TB chemoprophylaxis; 6 RA and 2 PsA developed TB; 2 pts died. The TB incidence rate for TNF Rx pop was 45-51/100kPYs https://t.co/tam5I17QO1
13 Feb 2016 Social FDA arthritis advisory votes 21-3 in favor of approving the Celltrion CT-P13 (Inflectra) a biosimilar of infliximab https://t.co/P6R75QOB7j
12 Jan 2018 Social 188 PsA pts receive 1st TNFi, 27% D/C by 24 mos (1/3 for primary inefficacy, 22% secondary inefficacy, 43% adverse events) Predictors of failure = female or metabolic syndrome-co-morbidities (HR = 2.65). https://t.co/VRdikUSQ0f
30 Aug 2016 Social Drug retention rates are same between elderly and younger RA pts on TNFi. D/C for AE in old and efficacy in young. https://t.co/ZPXlXvVpTS