Tuesday, 17 Sep 2019

TNF inhibitor

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12 Dec 2016 News Random Drug Levels and Anti-Drug Antibodies Predict Rheumatoid Outcomes
29 Sep 2017 News Amgen-Abbvie Settle Humira Biosimilar Patent Dispute
14 Jul 2016 News Sandoz Etanercept Biosimilar Voted for Approval by FDA Arthritis Advisory Committee
09 Apr 2018 News Favorable Certolizumab Safety Profile in Pregnancy
19 Oct 2016 News Nor-Switch Study Shows it's Safe to Switch to a Biosimilar
04 Dec 2015 News In RA TNF-Inhibitors Prove To Be Durable Choice
24 Jan 2018 News PRESERVE Study: HAQ, BMI and Age Predict Responses to Combo Therapy
23 Jun 2015 News Adherence to ETN/MTX is Greater Than Triple DMARD Therapy
31 Aug 2016 News Another Biosimilar Approval - Etanercep-szzs by Novartis
25 Aug 2017 News Adalimumab Biosimilars Adding Up
01 Jul 2016 News Adalimumab Approved for Uveitis
20 Feb 2018 News Pediatric Use of TNF inhbitors Does Not Increase Malignancy Risk
08 Jul 2015 News Neurologic Events with TNF Inhibitor Therapy
18 Oct 2016 News Inflectra Biosimilar Ships in Late November 2016
13 Mar 2019 News Lower TNF Inhibitor Persistence in Spondylitis
06 Apr 2016 News FDA Biosimilar Approval of Inflectra Viewed as a Milestone Advance
16 May 2017 News NOR-SWITCH Study Validates Biosimilar Use in Multiple Indications
08 Dec 2017 News Why TNF Inhibitors May Work in Some Autoinflammatory Patients
09 Feb 2016 News FDA Advisory Arthritis Committee Votes to Approve the CT-P13 (infliximab) Biosimilar
14 Aug 2017 News Uveitis Events Reduced with Select TNF Inhibitors