Tuesday, 16 Jul 2019

TNF inhibitor

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25 Aug 2017 News Adalimumab Biosimilars Adding Up
22 Aug 2017 News It's Rheumatoid Arthritis, not the TNF inhibitor, that Drives Lymphoma Risk
14 Aug 2017 News Uveitis Events Reduced with Select TNF Inhibitors
02 Aug 2017 News No Increase in Malformations with Etanercept Use During Pregnancy
27 Jul 2017 News Biosimilar Pricing Wars Have Begun
13 Jul 2017 News Withdrawal of TNF Inibitors Fails in Most RA Patients
30 May 2017 News Golimumab Fails in Polyarticular Juvenile Arthritis
22 May 2017 Social Survey of 364 UK RA pts shows that giving info on TNFi helps 1/3 and scares 1/3. Many misconceptions about safety https://t.co/lM8gxjjulk
17 May 2017 News Inflammatory Arthritis Stable after Switch to Biosimilar Infliximab
16 May 2017 News NOR-SWITCH Study Validates Biosimilar Use in Multiple Indications
15 May 2017 Slide of the day New TNF Inhibitor Biosimilars
09 May 2017 Social HUMOR Study - Humira shown to have no effect in hand OA. 43pt crossover RCT #OARSI mtg. https://t.co/ZqBI1mGUN9
09 May 2017 Social US Justice Dept is investigating J&J over management & advisory services to Rheum/GI regarding Simponi and Stelara. https://t.co/hKYacVYQaG
24 Apr 2017 News FDA Approves Renflexis as Second Infliximab Biosimilar
22 Apr 2017 Social FDA approves another infliximab biosimilar - Renflexis (Infliximab-abda) from Bioepis, distributed in US by Merck. https://t.co/r74qr73XaI
02 Apr 2017 Social Abbvie announces that Humira is now FDA approved for use in severe finger nail psoriasis. https://t.co/hRkbtCqWPn
24 Mar 2017 Social RT @DanielHSolomon: MI Risk 39% Lower for Patients With RA Taking TNF Inhibitors https://t.co/7ihHmdNPNy via @medscape
24 Mar 2017 Social Amgens Amjevita (biosimilar of Humira) was approved by EMA for EU use in adult/Peds arthritis IBD, SpA & more https://t.co/O7JBrvtZgE
23 Mar 2017 Social 4 center study of 23 HIV pts shows TNF inhibitors are not assoc w/ higher rates of serious infxn in HIV pts https://t.co/D9R0LByBIJ
15 Mar 2017 Social 1241 PsA TNFi initiations - Persistence predictors include TNFi naive, more skin, prior DMARDs, Mod/High Dz activity https://t.co/WnFj6WtS33