Tuesday, 25 Sep 2018

TNF inhibitor

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03 Oct 2016 Social Mayo study of incident Sarcoidosis shows 3 fold higher risk of Venous thrombosis & 4 fold risk of pulm embolism. https://t.co/3Gv1bAumBf
26 Sep 2016 News FDA Approves New Amgen Biosimilar for Adalimumab
18 Sep 2016 Social TNFi induced Psoriasis can be treated w/ TNFi D/C, another TNFi (48-85% recurrence) or Stelara. Good short review https://t.co/t2Hb7kA4ru
16 Sep 2016 Social Humira price has increased 6% q 3month for 3 yrs - now $15 billion/yr in USA - what wil happen when biosimilars hi https://t.co/gmX8TeD4ll
31 Aug 2016 News Another Biosimilar Approval - Etanercep-szzs by Novartis
30 Aug 2016 Social Drug retention rates are same between elderly and younger RA pts on TNFi. D/C for AE in old and efficacy in young. https://t.co/ZPXlXvVpTS
29 Aug 2016 Slide of the day Non-Tuberculous Mycobacterial Infection are Common with TNF Inhibitors
18 Aug 2016 News Remicade Patent Infringements Denied: Opens Door for New Biosimilars
09 Aug 2016 News Etanercept May Lower Alzheimers Risk in Rheumatoid Arthritis
08 Aug 2016 Slide of the day Tuberculosis Risk Reduction Measures
27 Jul 2016 News Long-Term Safety of Adalimumab Reviewed
14 Jul 2016 News Sandoz Etanercept Biosimilar Voted for Approval by FDA Arthritis Advisory Committee
13 Jul 2016 News FDA Arthritis Advisory Committee Recommends Approval of Adalimumab Biosimilar
01 Jul 2016 News Adalimumab Approved for Uveitis
28 Jun 2016 News Cancer Risk Lower with TNF inhibitors in Rheumatoid Arthritis
27 Jun 2016 Social Humira sales projected to increase in next 3 years; others may decline https://t.co/x2zj7dtYdC https://t.co/vHjJlQI6n2
15 Jun 2016 Social FDA Arthritis Advisory to review Amgens ABP501 (ADA biosimilar) on 7/12 & 7/13 review Sandoz GP2015 (biosimilar ETN) https://t.co/f9Bou7rsTH
09 Jun 2016 Social Do all TNFi work the same way? J Exp Med article suggests unique Humira MOA, expanding functional Foxp3+ Treg cells https://t.co/2zf6u8Q39J
31 May 2016 Social Recurrent acute anterior uveitis responds to golimumab 50 mg qmo; 12/15 eyes from B27+ AS pts going into remission https://t.co/0ttwTe56zv
31 May 2016 Social Samsung Bioepis Flixabi (a Remicade biosimilar) approved for all 6 indications in 28 EU states & Norway, Iceland. https://t.co/oHwkbozHSG