Tuesday, 25 Sep 2018

TNF inhibitor

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26 May 2016 Social TNF inhibitors & Traveling? 1 infusion or injection OK a Wk early or late 2 Forget the dry ice, keep syringe cool n dry (eg purse) on plane
10 May 2016 Social Cimzia successfully given to RA & SpA thru pregnancy w/ undetectable CMZ in cord blood;but 3/13 3rd trimester infxns https://t.co/eeagquKIHC
02 May 2016 Blog Why Not Just Kick the TNFi Habit?
30 Apr 2016 Social Metanalysis: TNFi assoc w/ increase risk of perioperative infx (SSI): BUT risk decreases >38% w/ temporary cessation https://t.co/PdZ1QLidvN
28 Apr 2016 News Biosimilar Switching Shows Favorable Interchangeability
28 Apr 2016 Social Metanalysis: TNFi assoc w/ increase risk of perioperative infx (SSI): BUT risk decreases >38% w/ temporary cessation https://t.co/yuSudErjlj
18 Apr 2016 Social Celltrion chief executive said that Inflectra expected to be priced ~20-30% lower than Remicade in the US. https://t.co/ceCHuYubzK
07 Apr 2016 Social Theres a new Biosimilar in the US called inflectra - some of the early talking points and issues covered @ RheumNow https://t.co/21JQlfxxY9
06 Apr 2016 News FDA Biosimilar Approval of Inflectra Viewed as a Milestone Advance
31 Mar 2016 Social Infliximab rarely gives incr LFTs. 305 IBD pts sudied &shows that LFT elevations more likely from DMARDs than INFLX https://t.co/rfPK6bVXF2
31 Mar 2016 Social Retrospective, comparative efficacy ADA,ETN,INF in 307 RA shows equal safety & efficacy; remissions 7.4/100PY/month https://t.co/FgrQqQsB49
30 Mar 2016 Social @RonanTKavanagh Fear of unknown is reason to ask for help (didnt happen). Stopping biologics will results in flare. Inflamm +XRT = bad news
24 Mar 2016 News First Head-to-Head TNF Trial Ends in a Draw
24 Mar 2016 Social 1st TNFi H2H results are in: EXXELERATE study Cimzia vs Humira shows equal ACR20 @3mo (69 v 71%) & LDAS @2y(35 v 33) https://t.co/qvcQdnAlxy
23 Mar 2016 Social Real life H2H comparison 295 Humira & 84 Infliximab Rx Crohns showed non-significant equal failure rates (21 vs 25%) https://t.co/okUyyCE4nL
17 Mar 2016 Social Anti-Remicade Abs 100% cross reactive w/ its biosimilar CT-P13 (Remsima/Inflectra) as further proof of biosimilarity https://t.co/8i6aUhrFdZ
17 Mar 2016 News TNF Inhibitors Increase Perioperative Infection Risk
03 Mar 2016 Social History of breast cancer pts can safely get TNF inhibitors without added risk of recurrence (from the TNFi) - data, guidelines support this
02 Mar 2016 News TNF Inhibition and Heart Failure
01 Mar 2016 Social Prior hx of Cancer in IBD patients does not preclude the use of TNF inhibitors. https://t.co/D58N3Jj2cQ