Tuesday, 16 Jul 2019

TNF inhibitor

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05 Jul 2015 News Adalimumab Drug Levels Predict Efficacy
05 Jul 2015 Social Hospira's Infectra biosimilar sold at 45% discount by a major French hospital group covering 1/4 of French population http://t.co/KSQoi6hG29
01 Jul 2015 Social EMA recommends Humira for Rx of hydradenitis suppurativa based on >6000 pts. FDA granted orphan status in May 2015 http://t.co/WNn9ed3bXB
30 Jun 2015 News Utility of Drug Levels and Anti-Drug Antibodies When Starting TNF inhibitors
29 Jun 2015 Social EU approves Simponi for Rx of adults with severe, non-radiographic axial spondyloarthritis, based on GO-AHEAD study. http://t.co/FqnMq2MpIY
23 Jun 2015 News Adherence to ETN/MTX is Greater Than Triple DMARD Therapy
18 Jun 2015 News Frequency of Infliximab Infusion Reactions
15 Jun 2015 Social #EULAR2015 OPTTIRA study: 97 LDAS RA pts (#SAT0150) tapered TNFi by 1/3 ->14% flares, 2/3-> 34% flares. 45% D/C TNFi http://t.co/hE5aHROD6P
05 Jun 2015 News Conventional DMARDs extend TNF inhibitor drug survival in patients with spondyloarthropathies
28 May 2015 Social Pt directed TNFi dose reduction in 58 Ank Spondylitis pts 94% effective @6 mos but only maintained in 54% over 2 yrs http://t.co/ALU5YezW6t
27 May 2015 News Nonadherence to Self-Injected Biologics is High
22 May 2015 News Amgen & Abbvie Increase the Price of TNF Inhibitors
20 May 2015 Social TNFi Rx RA patients who also took MTX, had a significantly lower risk (64% less) for future large joint replacement. http://t.co/CQ211se7je
17 May 2015 News Adalimumab Gets FDA Orphan Drug Status for Use in Hidradenitis Suppurativa
14 May 2015 Social RheumNow: Major liver toxicity is rare with TNF inhibitors, minor LFTs are common. http://t.co/bJAmMFxJvq
14 May 2015 News Hepatotoxicity and TNF Inhibitors
04 May 2015 News DRESS Trial Shows TNFi Dose Reduction is Possible - Without Major Flares
18 Apr 2015 Social Listeria outbreaks recently. @risk Pts include infliximab, otherTNFi, MTX & Pred; rarely RTX or ABA, Mortality 11-27% http://buff.ly/1DVjSsR