Thursday, 29 Jun 2017

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Breastfeeding Rates Lower in Lupus

It is a common practice for rheumatologists to discuss medication-related teratogenicity and disease implications in case of pregnancy.  Yet, discussion of breastfeeding are often omitted.

Highlights from EULAR 2017 - From

Dr. Janet Pope reviews her favorite and least favorite presentations and abstracts from EULAR 2017. 

IV Golimumab in Psoriatic Arthritis

Based on recent clinical trials, the makers of golimumab have petitioned the FDA for new indications in PsA and AS. Trials for PsA (GO-VIBRANT) and AS (GO-ALIVE) were presented at last weeks EULAR 2017 meeting in Madrid, Spain.

The RheumNow Week in Review – How to ACR/EULAR 23 June 2017

Dr. Jack Cush reviews his approach to attending and getting the most out of ACR or EULAR Congress meetings.

Drug Costs Vary by 600% in Different Countries

The Canadian Medical Association Journal has studied the costs of prescription drugs in 10 high-income countries (seven European countries, Australia, Canada and New Zealand) and found that many of these medicines varied by more than 600%.


Many restaurants brag about various things, including their Michelin stars, their wine list, and their reviews, but Botin merely tells you it is the oldest restaurant in the world!  That’s a pretty great start and no doubt serves to remind you there is a reason that this place, situated in the medieval Austrias area of Madrid and founded by the Frenchman Jean Botín in 1725, is still there.

Just last week, I went to a doctor’s retirement party.  It was festive, with honors and ribbing for the lucky one, but there was an asterisk to his milestone. Retirement was not anticipated or planned for. What is your retirement plan?

A 25 year-old female recently diagnosed with seronegative rheumatoid arthritis was started on a T

Patients are labeled as having “difficult RA" when: 1) we are frustrated, 2) it's too late, 3) we've run out of options or 4) the relationship is failing. We see them, but don’t quite know what to do with them.

Historically, syphilis and tuberculosis were the “great masqueraders” in medicine.

RheumNow Live Vote

1. Your diagnosis of RA is MOST based on:

This month’s Live Vote is being guided by Dr. Jack Cush and will focus on how rheumatologists' diagnose and Rx RA

Dr. Aryeh Fischer - Rx of Scleroderma ILD
Dr. Fischer is at EULAR 2017 in Madrid.


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