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EULAR 2019 – Day 3 Report

The third day of EULAR 2019 started with novel biologics, the efficacy of secukinumab in axial psoriatic arthritis, neurologic events with TNF inhibitors from the DANBIO database (OP0261), and neuropathy in SLE (OP0252), but above all this was a big poster day. Here are selected highlights from day 3 EULAR in Madrid.

  • CV Risk in Gout Correlates with NETs -  A study from the Reade Amsterdam Gout cohort studied 75 gout  patients - many with chronic polyarticular (71%) and tophaceous gout (21%) – to assess if neutrophil extracellular traps (NETs) and other markers of neutrophil activation (peroxidase activity) are seen in gout patients and if NETs could be cardiovascular risk calculated for individual patients.   They convincingly showed that NETs and markers of neutrophil activation and inflammatory markers were correlated with clinical features of gout, especially in polyarticular patients.  Netosis, perioxidase activity and calprotectin levels were elevated in gout patients compared to healthy controls. ETs were also correlated with cardiovascular risk scores.  It appears this strong neutrophil activation profile adds to the cardiovascular risks experienced by gout patients. OP0300
  • MAXIMISE study: It is estimated that 10% of psoriatic arthritis (PsA) patients will have axial disease (often with HLA-B27 positivity). Secukinumab is FDA approved for both PsA and AS.  The MAXIMISE study was a 52 weeks, phase 3, RCT of secukinumab IN 498 PsA patients with axial involvement. At 12 weeks, SEC treated patients had a >60% ASAS20 using either 150mg or 300 mg every 4 weeks (after a weekly loading regimen).  Good news for another subset of PsA patients. OP0235


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