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RheumNow Podcast – Eat Your Veggies (4.19.19)

Dr. Jack Cush reviews the news and journal articles from the past week on RheumNow.com.

  1. NXP-2 Abs Are associated with dermatomyositis and a cancer risk but also associated with calcinosis. Rheumatology 2019; Mar 16 https://t.co/8qTmZpo6Cj   
  2. Comparing fibromyalgia, PsA, Psoriasis Pts - FM has more entheseal tenderness (92%) than PSA (66%) and PSO (59%). However with ultrasound, entheseal involvement were more frequent in PsA & psoriasis (~90%) vs FM (75%). What? US enthesitis in FM? https://t.co/wNBQEB3j0O
  3. Lateral wedge insoles are often used medial knee OA. Study of 63 preselected pts shows a significant pain reduction (vs neutral soles) but mean difference was 0.7 on 0–10 scale; thus benefitting only a minority of pts https://t.co/7SK7Cl1Uft 
  4. TARA study takes 189 #RA pts in remission on combo Rx and tapers either the csDMARD or biologic. At 1 year, flare rates were similar 33% (DMARD) vs 43% (biologic). Tapering TNF inhibitors was superior, but would have saved more $$. https://t.co/XxZbx5zjCC   
  5. The price of new osteoporosis drug Evenity (romosuzumab; sclerostin inhibitor) is $1,825/mo. or $21,900/Yr; Just FDA approved for post-menopausal OP at high risk for Fx . Amgen estimates Evenity to be 34-74% lower than Tymlos & Forteo. https://t.co/lYHyukTRPw 
  6. Peripheral Nervous system involvement in lupus is uncommon at 6.9% - 1/3 were polyneuropathy, 1/3 were cranial neuropathy and few mononeuritis. Risk greatest with age, lupus disease activity and damage https://t.co/0JxhcrZQb1
  7. AC&R reports on a VA study of Temporal Arter (3,057 Bxs - 306 [10%]were Bx+). Positive TAB significantly increased w/ Bxlength >3.0 cm (OR 1.58), B/L Bx (OR 1.83), age >71 yrs. Prednisone use (up to42 days prior) did not influence TAB results. https://t.co/FMOiPIi7O4   
  8. Study from 2 different Chinese dietary cohorts (4903+9032 pts) shows that a vegetarian diet is associated with a 40-60% lower risk of #gout. https://t.co/4C1ItgdTUm
  9. Timing of Shoulder Injections Impacts Surgical Infection Risk  
  10. Mortality Risk Factors in Systemic Sclerosis  
  11. RheumNow.live


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