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RheumNow Podcast – Medical Selfies (5.24.19)

Dr. Jack Cush Reviews the news and journal articles from the past week on

  1. Study of hematuria in 86 ANCA Associated Vasculitis pts, compared half with & without hematuria after achieving remission from their glomerulonephritis. Hematuria at remission was not assoc w/ ESRD, but with relapse within 44 mos
  2. Fibromyalgia patients who undergo Knee replacements have significantly more complications (OR 1.55), revisions (OR 1.5), mechanical loosening (OR 1.34) & infection (OR 1.33). MDs and FM pts should be made aware of increased postoperative risks.   caution about FM and surgery
  3. US National Inpatient study compared 30912 TKAs in SLE pts vs 8million non-SLE and found SLE had no greater risk for implant infection, implant revision or mortality, but did have more transfusions, longer hosp stay, more Hosp charges   
  4. Smartphone pictures (taken by patients) can be very helpful.  One study in 40 Pediatric dermatology patients showed an 89% concordance between clinic visit and virtual picture diagnosis.
  5. Multicenter, cross-sectional study of 1526 adult Behcets patients from Egyptian rheumatology centers shows CNS, DVT, and GI tract involvement is higher in males, while the joint dz and disease activity were increased in females.   
  6. Toronto Lupus clinic follow up of 267 patients followed for >10 years finds that only 10% achieved prolonged clinical remission and 18% attained prolonged Low Dz Activity. Both groups had similar low flare rates - 0.038 & 0.065 flares/year/pt. 
  7. Additive Effects of Insomnia and Depression on Osteoarthritis 
  8. Should all CTD patients have PFTs? Review suggests all should have PFTs, DLCO, HiRes Chest CT given prevalence of ILD in RA, PSS, SLE, myositis. PFTs have prognostic value in RA-ILD, esp w/ UIP, but other CTDs have less data on sensitivity/specificity
  9. Nintedanib May Benefit Systemic Sclerosis Related Interstitial Lung Disease   
  10. Ongoing clinical trials and treatment options for patients with systemic sclerosis-associated interstitial lung disease.   
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