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RheumNow Podcast – Women Take Over Rheumatology (10.4.19)

Dr. Jack Cush reviews the News and Journal Reports from this week on

  1. Might Vioxx make a backdoor comeback?  2017 Vioxx went off patent, now a small pharma has applied to the FDA for orphan drug approval of rofecoxib (& etoricoxib) to treat hemophiliac arthropathy (large unmet need). Say it aint so! 
  2. Choi and colleagues have shown that allopurinol-associated severe cutaneous adverse reactions are higher with Heart (RR 1.44) and Renal (11 fold) disease. Initating low-dosage allopurinol may substantially mitigate this risk.   
  3. MotherToBaby Pregnancy Study in 528 RA pts has shown oral steroid use yields a dose dependent risk of pre-term birth. PTB was increased high dose (RR: 4.77) and medium dose (aRR: 1.81) OCS in the 1st 139 gestational days; DMARDs/biologics were not
  4. Kaiser study of 1956 SLE patients shows only 58% of were adherent (≥ 80%) to hydroxychloroquine; not predicted by the Rheum, hospital or socioeconomics. Risk factors for nonadherence included age, being white, # of Rheum visits/yr.
  5. Retrospective claims study shows that higher ACPA and RF titers were independently associated with 60-78% increased mortality in established RA; the association persisted in when Rx with DMARDs, but not with biologics.
  6. Study of 101 RA pts w/ baseline Cardiac CT; after median of 83 mos, 48% had progression of plaque; predicted by older age, inflammation & prednisone (p<0.05). Coronary Art. Calcium progressors were older, obese, HTN w/ more cumulative inflammation
  7. TIF1-γ antibodies may be associated with dermatomyositis and are found in between 13 – 31% of adults and 22 – 29% of children. TIF1-γ antibodies have a strong association with malignancy, esp in patients over the age of 39.
  8. Increasingly Women are Choosing Subspecialty Careers 
  9. Ixekizumab vs. Adalimumab in Psoriatic Arthritis   
  10. Anakinra Use in Hospitalized Gout Patients   
  11. Survey for Rheumatologists - You would use an MRI in an RA to assess what?


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