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RheumNow Podcast- COVID Siege (3.20.20)

Dr. Jack Cush reviews the past week of COVID-19 news and advances.

  1. BREAKING: President Trump Announces FDA Approval of Hydroxychloroquine for Treatme... via @YouTube 
  2. @psufka @YouTube THERE IS NO FDA approval for HCQ and COVID. Trump indicates that HCQ is an FDA approved drug (for RA, SLE, Malaria) but that it "can" be used in COVID.
  3. There have been some rumblings of a Plaquenil (hydroxychloroquine) shortage; yet there is no shortage on the website. My pharmacy says it is out and on backorder. Can anyone comment on a potential HCQ shortage?   
  4. A warning to the public: There are 10 manufacturers for HCQ (see link). “Fraudulent online pharmacies may be counterfeit and potentially unsafe.” @RheumNow @rheum_covid @covid4mds HCQ Generic Availability - 
  5. Very important pregnancy data for patients with #covid19 . Click and follow the threads for details @rheumnow @covid4mds #covid4rheum @uptoTate @drbags71 @acog 
  6. French study: 26 pts open label “After 6 days of treatment a combination of Hydroxychloroquine (200 mg tid) and azithromycin (z pack) significantly reduced SARS-CoV-2 viral load by PCR @rheumnow  
  7. Rheumatologist should join the RHeum COVID registry. This registry on COVID-19 is run by Dr. Philip Robinson, explained here>> Please click here to join:  
  8. Is COVID closing your clinic? Consider going remote. Dr. Kathryn Dao gives her spin on A Rheumatology Telemedicine in 6 Easy Steps. Also, tomorrow look for a video we will post with Dr. Alvin Wells talking about TELERHEUMATOLOGY - friday 3/20/20     
  9. Isn't it ODD that under the duress of COVID 19,. There are NO no shows in clinic, or is it just me....  
  10. Follow current COVID19 precautions. Most of our Rheum Dz pts are safe on current therapies. I would advise tp continue biologics/immunosuppressives to maintain dz control. Only stop if the pt is hospitalized or has a high fever >102F (and call you/MD for further instruction)  
  11. Clinic rules for me: 1) wash hands after every patient; 2) wear gloves when examining pt; 3) Clean workspace and phone BID; 4) Leave the room to cough; if coughing alot - wear a mask, get tested or stay home  
  12. We had a discussion at RheumNow Live with an ID expert. There is no compelling reason to stop biologics or immunosuppressives because of COVID19. There is research on the potential benefits of Plaquenil, baricitinib and IL-6 inhibitors in Rxing COVID19  
  13. Bush administration developed federal guidelines for a public-health crisis. Among the core principles are “be first,” “be right,” “be credible,” “show respect” and “promote action.” This should apply to our current crisis.  
  14. Everyone should read Dr. Kevin Winthrops timely new article in Arthritis & Rheumatology entitled, "Who needs a Corona? "; open access - he reviews the many surmounting questions than answers that we currently have on COVID-19.  
  15. COVID-19 Rheumatology News     
  16. A Rheumatologist’s Tips: Telemedicine in 6 Easy Steps  
  17. Rheumatic Disease Drugs and COVID-19   
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Rheumatologists' Comments

Please note that FDA Approval is regulatory in nature in regards to drug industry marketing claims for indications and safety. Medical necessity is based on standard of care and scientific medical literature. FDA approval is required by insurance Medical Policies and dictates contractual obligations for payment..Previously a 90 day supply co-pay for PLQ cost the patient $5 but now is about $135 or more! Please warn patients in advance or check with local pharmacy.

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