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RheumNow Podcast- A Good First Impression (1.24.20)

Dr Jack Cush comments on this week's journal articles, reviews and studies.

  1. Health Care Utilization prior to the Dx of Psoriatic Arthritis #PsA is significantly 2 fold higher. Study of 462 PsA & 2310 comparators shows more visits to PCP for MSK issues in 1-5 yrs prior, as well as use of other MSK specialists in 5 yrs preceding Dx.
  2. Data from the Swedish Rheumatology Quality register (2716 RA pts) shows that biologic naive patients had longer drug survival. Men (HR 0.86) and MTX users (HR 0.85) were less likely to discontinue abatacept,
  3. 60% The percentage of patients at @NIH's autoinflammatory disease cohort that are undifferentiated and do not have a specific disease diagnosis -Dr. Amanda Ombrello. #ACR19 @rheumnow
  4. In 80 RA pts, SJC & TJC flares seen in 36% of pts. Pt-reported flares usually reflected incr Dz activity (MD exam & US). Pts & clinicians agreed in 79–93% of joints, moreso SJ than TJ
  5. Population based study of ~72K chinese people shows that the DASH diet was assoc with significantly (30%) lower risk of hyperuricemia - more pronounced among older people (≥50 y), women and physically inactive (<0.01 for all). #Gout
  6. IL-37 may be a target for psoriasis. IL-37 is downregulated in lesional skin & IL-37 serum levels correlate with psoriasis severity. IL-37 is an anti-inflammatory & immunosuppressive cytokine from IL-1 family. Tofacitinib may increase IL-37 in psoriasis
  7. Hydroxychloroquine in RA metanalysis shows clinical efficacy of HCQ was similar to or lower than MTX or SSZ monotherapy. When HCQ combined with other DMARDs it increased the clinical efficacy. There is a paucity of data on HCQ structural (Xray) benefits
  8. A of TB risk with TNF inhib - Risks by country: - Worldwide - 9.62 cases/1000 pts exposed - Asia, 13.47 /1000 - S America 11.75 /1000 - Europe, 6.28 /1000 patients - North America 4.34 /1000 (low risk (USA, EU) and high risk countries (Asia, S.Amer).
  9. Anti-transcription intermediary factor 1 (TIF1)-γ autoantibodies are linked with cancer-associated Dermatomyositis in adults
  10. CDC: 15% of US Adults are Physically Inactive  
  11. Low Risk of Inflammatory Arthritis in Hidradenitis Suppurativa Patients  


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