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The RheumNow Week in Review – 17 March 2017



Dr. Jack Cush reviews highlights in the news from the past week at  

  1. Post-strept reactive arthritis:Consider in differential Dx of seroneg oligo/polyarthritis, High ASO, no ST or Jones criteria
  2. Healio reviews REMS- unique programs with FDA mandated drug safety measures to mitigate potential risks of a new drug.
  3. Among 1241 PsA TNFi initiations - Persistence predictors include TNFi naive, more skin, prior DMARDs, Mod/High Dz activity
  4. Xrays & DECT in 92 gout pts, tophi and urate assoc w/ 80% of all erosions. Urate, tophus volume predict erosions
  5. Dont miss hypermobility syndrome - Be sure to ask the question - "are you double jointed or can you do anything unusual with your joints?"
  6. Pt I - VA study 748 RA pts w/ HCV, ALT incr only in 3.4%; Hepatotoxicity more common w/ Biologic than cDMARD(4.8 v 2.3%)
  7. Pt II - VA study - majority of hepatotoxicity events occurred within 6 months of DMARD initiation (29/37, 78%)
  8. CORRONA proves a "Window of Opportunity" - shorter Dz duration (<2yrs) assoc w/ greater ΔCDAI & LDA w/ abatacept Rx
  9. Great review of Gout 2017 by Dr. Keenan. Gout care cost $31.8 billion from 2005-11
  10. In 2002, there was 3.9 million outpatient visits for #Gout - only 1.3% were to rheumatologists.
  11. Review of severe alopecia areata 90pts Rx w/ Xeljanz: 20% nearly total regrowth, 58% >50% regrowth,77% some regrowth
  12. FDA delayed action on Radius' new anabolic osteoporosis drug abaloparatide to June 30, requesting new information
  13. ESPOIR 602 Early RA study x7yrs: 2/3 on Pred. Low dose pred use not assoc w/ more AE, infx, HTN; but more Drug use.
  14. AAOS: High Prevalence of Low-Value Interventions in Pre-Op Knee OA
  15. Interns Can Now Work 24 Hour Shifts
  16. The UnderManagement of Gout    
  17. FDA Invites Open Commentary on Biosimilar Interchangeability 
  18. Wine and the Rheumatologist: A Perfect Meal
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