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The RheumNow Week in Review – 17 May 2017

Dr. Jack Cush reviews highlights and updates from the past week on

  1. Dr David Felson Awarded the Nachman Prize; Germanys highest honor for research in rheumatology
  2. Worldwide RA prevalence in low-middle income countries increased from 2000 to 2010 (to 3.16 mill males, 14.87 mill females)
  3. FRAGILITY Fractures (men or women) in RA pts is associated with significantly higher risk of CV events (HR 1.81) - Compared to non-RA
  4. @DrPetryna: SQ Simponi for polyJIA randomized withdrawal trial: primary endpoint not met; clincial improvement noted https:/…
  5. Hidradenitis suppurativa is uncommon, not rare, prevalence 98-100K, higher in women, age 30-39yr, blacks or biracial individual https:\\XCFE14XDgj
  6. Study of 189 SLE pts followed for 13yrs; treatement with ASA & HCQ yields a 53-59% lower risk of CV events; but APL Ab+ or HTN have an 18 fold increased risk of CV events
  7. Study of 736 SLE pts shows that poverty significantly contributes to damage in lupus for years to come
  8. Drug induced hyperuricemia: Diuretics, EMB, PZA, ASA, CyA, fructose, nicotinic acid, Xylitol, lactate, cytotoxics
  9. Septic arthritis lead to 16,382 ED visits 2012; >83% hospitalized, especially with comoribidity, preexisting arthritis
  10. British Society for Rheum 2017 meeting reports that smoking is associated w/ more severe AS; data from BSRBR registry for AS
  11. MDA-5 Ab+ associated with CADM (clinically amyopathic DM), ILD, rapidly-progressive ILD, lower CK/Aldolase/ANA+ or cytoplasmic pattern of staining more commonly seen
  12. UCSF Moffit: Symptomatic pericarditis in 20% of PSS; but found in 80% on autopsy
  13. UCSF Moffit: Pericardial effusion (CHF) may be a risk factor for renal crisis.
  14. Non-Prescribed Opioid Abuse by Young Adults  
  15. NOR-SWITCH Study Validates Biosimilar Use in Multiple Indications 
  16. Steroid Injections for Knee Osteoarthritis May Promote Cartilage Loss
  17. No Arthroscopy Needed for Degenerative Knees and Meniscal Tears
  18. Rituximab May Benefit Rheumatoid Lung  
  19. My patient refused to pay for Voltaren Gel Rx because it was $750. He said, "I may be sick in my joints, but Im not sick in the head"


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