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The RheumNow Week in Review – 18 August 2017

The RheumNow Week in Review discusses the past week's news, journal articles and highlights from RheumNow.com. This week's report includes new data on lupus survival, pediatric lupus guidelines from SHARE, room temperature storage of etanercept, over or under-testing by rheumatologists and failure of pain meds to treat pain.

  1. Lupus Survival improved in the 1990s; high-income countries have a  5-yr survival >95% in adults & kids; but low/middle-income countries have a lower survival in kids alone. https://buff.ly/2vV9vIJ 
  2. Study of Acute gout episodes : 26% had SF MSU & CPP crystals. CPP crystals in gout patients was assoc. with gout duration, CKD, erosive dz; not age https://buff.ly/2wdFbK9 
  3. RA and PsA (but not depression) were assoc. with increased risk of pre-term birth & preeclamsia. https://t.co/7ZHzNeQBWK
  4. Downside to steroids:  2 yrs of intraarticular  triamcinolone knee injx (vs PBO) caused more cartilage loss; but no diff in knee pain https://t.co/795WiSBhCA
  5. 26 yoF undergoing B/L hand/forearm transplants developed RA without prior hx of RA in either the donor or recipient https://t.co/Ih3kpvv89u
  6. SHARE SLE Guidelines Recommend Dx by SLICC, testing for complement defic., ENA, CXR, referral to a pediatric rheum https://t.co/4Zd5qSFtZD
  7. Study shows etanercept may be stored at conditions of 25°C±2°C (77F) for up to 1 month within expiry dates https://t.co/HMf7pcVudE
  8. One in three Rheumatoid arthritis patients fail to pick up Rx meds because of cost according to Natl RA Society in the UK. https://t.co/3DaqjLfhF4
  9. Tocilizumab in Scleroderma completed enrollment in phase III trial – it will be another yr till skin + lung results https://t.co/6QVGeDScbv
  10. How Much Testing is Enough? 
  11. No Evidence to Support Use of Gabapentinoids in Low Back Pain
  12. Marijuana Has Little Effect on Most Types of Pain
  13. Psoriatic Arthritis Patients with Comorbidities have Worse Disease and Poor Response
  14. Pegloticase Infusion Reactions Largely Seen in Non-Responders
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