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The RheumNow Week in Review – 20 January 2017

Dr. Jack Cush reviews highlights from the past week on RheumNow.

  1. Swiss Psoriasis registry 323 pts, Compared to DMARDs; Biologics had more skin & PsA, better PASI75, longer Rx survival https://t.co/lWGHs3eAPR
  2. RT @RonanTKavanagh: Nicotine exacerbates arthritis - therefore E-cigs may do so too? https://t.co/mknebrpXbw
    High neutrophil-lymph ratio (NLR) >4 seen w/ GPA severity w/ renal. Also high w/ RA, CVD, inflammation, smoking, CA https://t.co/kTa5ZqscOU
  3. Pay attention to High RDW values! seen with: inflammation, thrombosis, MI/CVE, anemia, poorer outcomes in COPD & CA https://t.co/LBcePRpsdC
  4. Israeli study shows Lupus has a 3 fold higher risk of cancer, esp NHL, Hodgkins, Mult myeloma, GU malignancies https://t.co/PgBYM35cza
  5. Lyme dz found at 9 US National Parks in Maine: Maryland; Fire Island, NY; Gettysburg Pennsylvania; DC & Virginia https://t.co/SVkrNGvwwZ
  6. ARD study shows 274 RA patients treated with inhibitors of IL-12 (guselkumab), IL-12/23 (ustekinumab) no more effective than placebo in #RA (41%, 54%, 40%) https://t.co/pOD9ZovCei
  7. 240 GCA pts; stroke occurs at time of diagnosis in 73% with a CVA, CVA pts had more ophthalmic sxs, lower ESR/CRP/Hgb & involved Vertebrobasilar A. https://t.co/H1mIPqQZlQ
  8. XYREM (Na oybate)is FDA approved w/ REMS for cataplexy, excessive sleepiness w/ narcolepsy (Prev voted down by AAC) https://t.co/rTT5OXi6Mr
  9. 141 RA pts studied ESR, CRP, IL6, VEGF, Calprotectin & Jt US. Calprotectin highest assoc w/ US synovitis & response https://t.co/eaRy5YzXpe
  10. Review of Renal Dz in Scleroderma. Renal Crisis in 2-15%, usually 1st 5 yrs, Improved survival w/ ACE inhibitor use https://t.co/pj1zmc3Iv9
  11. Baricitinib decision by the FDA extended from Jan 2017 by another 3 mos for FDA to review major amendment to NDA https://t.co/tMi3llwWZw
  12. Consensus Guidelines for Juvenile Dermatomyositis Management
  13. EULAR Revised Recommendations for Fibromyalgia
  14. Dietary Intake Triggers Inflammation 
  15. Patient and Provider Education Fails to Improve Osteoarthritis Outcomes
  16. Rituximab Effects on ANCA, IgG and Infectious Risk in ANCA-Associated Vasculitis

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