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The RheumNow Week in Review – 24 March 2017

Dr. Jack Cush reviews news and highlights from the past week on  

  1. NEJM Lyrica (pregabalin) shown to be ineffective in RCT of acute/chronic sciatica pain. 209 pts, Lyrica=PBO, more AE w/ Lyrica
  2. Amgens Amjevita (biosimilar of Humira) was approved by EMA for EU use in adult/Peds arthritis IBD, SpA &  more  
  3. 4 center study of 23 HIV pts shows TNF inhibitors are not assoc w/ higher rates of serious infxn in HIV pts
  4. Are you aware? Sunshine Act mandates reporting of MDs accepting journal reprint - ask your rep if your being "charged" $1 or $25! INCREDIBLE
  5. H. Zoster vaccine confers significant 5yr protection in 59627 vaccinated IMID/AI pts; 44% less HZ yr 1; 23%less @5yr
  6. Color Doppler US in 79 SSc pts: CDUS findings assoc w/ Incr CRP, ⩾20 pk-yrs smoking, male, digital ulcers pulp scars
  7. MTX-pancytopenia 46 Indian pts: Mean dose 10mg, Onset Sx=mucositis, fever; ^ risk w/ low ALB, renal failure; 13 dead
  8. AAOS meeting reports that smoking cessation prior to hip/knee Arthroplasty improves outcomes, lessens complications
  9. IBD may be a rare complication of systemic JIA treated with IL-1 inhibitors - 3/81 cases ID by retrospective review, GERmany, WELL, 4.3 yrs later  
  10. Systematic review of 1247 pts w/ knee OK & TKA < age 55 yrs - w/ 10.8yrs F/U; 85.5% satisfaction, 5.4% revision rate
  11. Rheumatic Manifestations Following Chikungunya Infection, RHUMAOCHIK study  
  12. NEJM Reviews Psoriatic Arthritis  
  13. Lupus Hepatitis and Lupoid Hepatitis Reviewed
  14. Checkpoint Inhibitors Causing Rheumatic Disease
  15. Sjogren's Syndrome Foundation's 2017 Sjogren's Treatment Guidelines
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