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RheumNow Week in Review – 30 September 2016

Dr. Jack Cush Reviews highlights in the news and journals from the past week on

  1. Proteomic analysis of RA gut microbiome shows unique citrulline peptides - gut mucosa may contribute to ACPA in RA.
  2. Indomethacin treatment of mice w/ premalignant lesions shows cancer slowing - PGE2 inhibition results in more CD8 Tcells and IFN
  3. Prime Therapeutics shows Xeljanz discontinuations at 30% by 6mos & 44% at 1 yr. 10% use it before MTX/other DMARDs
  4. Taiwan study of HIV population and risk of autoimmune disease showed higher risk for Sjögrens (SIR=1.64), psoriasis (2.05), SLE (2.59), AIHA (35.06), Uveitis (2.50)
  5. Yale study of Alopecia (areata or universalis) showed 32% of 66 pts improved with tofacitinib 5mg bid after 3 months.
  6. IL-6 inhibitor (PF-04236921) NOT effective in SLE;186 pts RCT- 3 doses same as placebo in SRI-4, BICLA responses
  7. Scleroderma Renal Crisis review: 3-5 yrs after onset; acute rise in BP & creat, oliguria, 1/2 with thrombotic angiopathy
  8. EGPA (Churg-Strauss)157 pts:12y delay in Dx, severe asthma predates systemic symptoms by 12 yrs, asthma worse 3-6mo before Dx
  9. Rates of Septic arthritis increased 43% in UK (5.5-->7.8/100k) over last 15yrs, especially in elderly >75.
  10. Serious infections in RA are related to disease activity. The risk with biologics is most likely in 1st 6mos of use.
  11. RA pts (vs non RA) more likely to get Rx: GI Rxs, Abx, thyroid, tricyclics, asthma/inhaled steroids, PPI, HTN Rxs.
  12. 5 severe PSS patients getting transplants were Rx w/ immunosuppressives; showed improvement in skin & lung function…
  13. NSAIDs Pose a Dose-Related Risk for Heart Failure Hospitalizations
  14. ICD-10 Grace Period Ends October 1st
  15. Anti-Sclerostin Drug Prevents Vertebral Fractures in Post-Menopausal Osteoporosis 
  16. FDA Approves New Amgen Biosimilar for Adalimumab - Amjevita (generically called adalimumab-atto) becomes the fourth biosimilar to be FDA approved 
  17. FDA Approves Stelara for Crohn's Colitis  
  18. Ilaris Gets FDA Approval for Rare Febrile Disorders 
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