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The ACR17 RheumNow Week in Review - 1 December 2017

Dr Jack Cush reviews nighlights and news from the past 2 weeks on This week's report includes new drug approvals, disappointing ACR guidelines, Lyme & Zika, infertility, dermatomyositis skin outcomes and myositis-associated cancer testing.

  1. 45% Pharmacists & 35% Nurses say they receive TEXT orders every day (20%) or >1/wk (35%), yet only 12% said texting… 
  2. Claims data analyses shows infertile men have higher rates of developing rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, thyroiditis, and Grave's disease.
  3. Hippocrates advises that an ice cube on the skin for 2 min substantially reduces the sting (pain) of a subcutaneous…
  4. Metanalysis of 4 RCTs involving 287 patients with chronic widespread pain revealed Vitamin D therapy yielded no sigificant change in VAS…
  5. In Pre-Clinical RA pts, ACPA pos & ACPA neg behave differently. ACPA pos pts had longer duration of sxs initially but shorter time to arthritis (median 6 vs 18 weeks, p=0.015) than ACPA neg people.  ACPA negative had less  lower extremity Sxs (22% vs 50%)
  6. FDA approved rheumatology drugs in 2017: Brodalumab (Siliq); oral Methotrexate solution (Xatmep): Abaloparatide (Tymlos); Tocilizumab (Acterma) GCA: Sarilumab (Kevzara); Guselkumab (Tremfya); Sc Belimumab (Benlysta); Lesinurad w/ allopurinol (Duzallo)
  7. Gout risk assoc with Soda & high fructose corn syrup. New NHANES study shows 1209 young adults, 20–30 yrs enrolled 2003–2006 who drank >4 sodas/HFCS drinks per week had a significant 3 fold higher rate of ARTHRITIS.  Risk was not assoc. w/ diet sodas
  8. Cancer and myositis significantly increased by Autoantibodies to TIF1-(SIR = 17.28), NXP2 (8.14), SAE1 (12.9) & MSA neg pts (3.99); but not assoc. w/ anti-HMGCR, anti-MDA5 or Myositis specific Abs (Jo-1, PL-7, PL-12, Mi-2, SRP, PL-7, anti-E or anti-OJ)
  9. Low energy extracorporeal shock wave therapy shown to successfully treats finger ulcers in scleroderma patients…
  10. FDA issued safety warning & is investigating Limbrel over 194 adverse event reports regarding Limbrel causing life-threatening drug-induced liver injury and hypersensitivity pneumonitis. Limbrel is a flavinoid nutraceutical used for osteoarthritis
  11. NY Times review shows physicians spend more time on the EMR than time spent with patients (sometimes twice as much!…
  12. New CDC surveillance report shows the top 7 states for Lyme disease in 2015 include 1) Vermont (78.4/100000/yr); 2)…
  13. Map of Lyme Disease in the USA 2008-2015. Leading the way : VT, ME, PA, RI, CT, NJ, MA.
  14. New data shows chloroquine may be effective in Rx of Zika virus by markedly reducing amount of Zika virus in matern… 
  15. @JAMADerm: Study shows that less than 40% of #dermatomyositis patients achieve skin remission even w aggressive treatment
  16. Strawberry Gingivitis associated with Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis. 42 yo w/ epistaxis, painful gingival hyperp…
  17. FDA approves Fasenra (benralizumab) that binds to the IL-5α receptor, and depletes eosinophils rapidly. Indicated… 
  18. ACR Clinical Guidelines Flawed by Low Evidence 
  19. Prevalence of Arthritis Grossly Underestimated 
  20. RheumNow ACR 2017 Awards   


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