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RheumNow Podcast – Late Breaking Abstract Wrap-Up (6.21.19)

Dr. Jack Cush reviews the week’s news and wrap up from EULAR19.

  1. FORWARD, a National Databank study, looked at malignancies & infections in RA pts starting abatacept, other biologicsor DMARDs. No difference in cancer risks, but ABA had lower risk hospitalized infx (HR 0.37) & lower infusion/injx rxn than other biologics
  2. ethotrexate assoc. lymphoproliferative disorders (LPDs), is a rare disorder that resolves w/ MTX withdrawal (in 3-10mos). Most common path was diffuse large B-cell lymphoma and 45-77% had Epstein-Barr virus encoded RNA positivity.
  3. #EULAR2019 Emapalumab - a monoclonal Ab against IFNγ - was shown to be effective in 6 systemic JIA patients with macrophage activation syndrome. Rx led to rapid neutralization of IFNγ, normalization of CXCL9, & decreased T cell activation. OP0204
  4. A survey of 900 Danish rheumatic dz pts shows that 1 in 10 with pain have considered suicide in the last 4 weeks and that this was strongly influenced by poor quality sleep. #EULAR2019 OP0347
  5. No Difference Among Biologics in Arthroplasty Infectious Risk
  6. Allopurinol Fails to Curtail Hypertension 
  7. Is Methotrexate Necessary with Tofacitinib  
  8. EULAR 2019- Day 4 Report
    1. SPIRIT-H2H trial in PsA: LB005 
    2. Early AMPLE study LB008 
    3. Vagal Nerve Stimulation in RA: LB009



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