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    Rheumatology Round-Up with Drs. Kavanaugh & Cush

    The Annual Review of Best ACR 2020 abstracts featuring Drs. Cush and Kavanaugh filmed on the last day of Virtual ACR 2020 Nov. 9, 2020.

    What's New in Calcium Pyrophosphate Disease? with Dr. Michael Pillinger

    NYU's Dr. Pillinger talks about Dr. Ann Rosenthal's state of the art talk on calcium pyrophosphate disease at ACR 2020.

    ABCs of RA: Panel Discussion with Dr. Jonathan Kay

    They're back: from Dublin, Melbourne, Boston, Baltimore and Quezon City, Philippines to discuss top abstracts in the area of RA at the end of day three (Sunday) at ACR 2020, led by Dr. Jonathan Kay. Panelists: Dr. Sheila Reyes, Dr. David Liew, Dr. Eric Dein and Dr. Richard Conway.

    Hesitancy around Steroids and Vaccines: Dr. Kevin Winthrop

    OHSU's Dr. Kevin Winthrop discusses two issues -- steroids and vaccines -- by looking at abstracts #1014, #0632, #0634 and #1135 at ACR 2020.

    Zoster Vaccine in Rheumatic Disease: Dr. David Liew

    Dr. David Liew reviews abstract #0452 presented at the ACR2020 annual meeting.

    Check on Pneumococcal Vaccination: Dr. Janet Pope

    Dr. Janet Pope reviews abstracts #0456 and #0457 presented at the 2020 ACR annual meeting.


    COVID and Rheumatic Disease Patients: Dr. Kevin Winthrop

    Portland-based Dr. Kevin Winthrop from OHSU discusses Saturday ACR 2020 posters #0623 and #0629 related to COVID-19 and RA patients.

    Avacopan - C5a Receptor Inhibitor - in ANCA-Associated Vasculitis: Dr. Arthur Kavanaugh

    San Diego-based rheumatologist Dr. Arthur Kavanaugh takes a closer look at plenary session Abstract #0432 presented Friday at ACR 2020.

    Global Rheumatology Alliance Panel

    Dr. Kathryn Dao interviews Dr. Jinoos Yazdany, Dr. Philip Robinson and Dr. Jean Liew with the Global Rheumatology Alliance.

    COVID, Artificial Intelligence and Metabolomics at ACR 2020: Dr. Arthur Kavanaugh

    Dr. Arthur Kavanaugh provides an overview of the ACR 2020 meeting, including his review of COVID, machine learning (AI) and metabolomics sessions.