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      In no particular order, these are my top 5 presentations from this year's EULAR 2020 meeting. Congratulations to EULAR for pulling off the educational coup of the year by transforming their world class gigantic Frankfurt meeting into a worldwide virtual meeting in less than 8 weeks – KUDOS!
      In this week's podcast, Drs. Artie Kavanaugh and Jack Cush present highlights from the virtual EULAR2020 meeting held June 3-6, 2020. Featured reports include the SELECT-CHOICE study, the EXCEED trial, Avacopan in AAV, BeST mortality outcomes, BLISS-LN study, biosimilars and tofa in systemic sclerosis.
      Autoinflammatory/Still's Disease Panel - EULAR2020

      Drs. Olga Petryna, Petros Efthimiou, Apostolos Kontzias and Jack Cush discuss autoinflammatory highlights from the Virtual EULAR 2020 meeting June 3-6

      These were my top abstracts from Thursday, 4th of June at EULAR 2020:
      Gout Review from EULAR2020

      Dr. Olga Petryna reviews highlights from the virtual EULAR 2020 meeting June 3-6, 2020

      These were my top abstracts from Thursday, 4th of June at EULAR 2020:
      For a disease that has been recognized since the days of Hippocrates, we are finally making some progress towards understanding systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) and how to tame the wolf.  Listed below are the top 5 studies and their summaries presented at the recent EULAR e-Congress conference streamed from Germany that I found impactful:
      Flares in ANCA-associated vasculitis are difficult to predict, but serum calprotectin may help predict relapse and renal failure, according to data presented at the EULAR 2020 virtual meeting this week.
      These were my top abstracts from Thursday, 4th of June at EULAR 2020.
      Every time a big scientific meeting ends I ask myself a question: how is it going to affect the way I treat my patients? This year the question pertains to management of axial spondyloarthropathies and psoriatic arthritis. Actually, this question has been brewing for several years now, but only now we get more data to form more or less feasible answer. So let’s see what EULAR 2020 has to offer.
      Virtual Meeting Review - EULAR 2020

      Drs. Kathryn Dao, Rachel Tate and Jack Cush discuss virtual meetings, EULAR2020, pluses, minuses and future proposals.

      Here is my top-five from day one at EULAR:
      SELECT-Choice: UPA vs ABA in RA

      Dr. Jack Cush from EULAR2020 Virtual Conference