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Articles By Kathryn H. Dao, M.D.


Assessing Cardiovascular Risks: The Responsibility of the Rheumatologist

18 September 2023

In 2016, EULAR posted recommendations for the management of cardiovascular risks in patients with rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammatory joint diseases. Three overarching principles emerged, but one caught my attention: “the rheumatologist is responsible for CV disease risk management.” It leaves no room for interpretation.

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yes no positive opportunity

An Opportunity to Say Yes

27 April 2023

Often, I am asked why I get to do all the fun stuff in rheumatology like blogging, traveling, meeting and interviewing interesting people, and collaborating in cool projects. How do I get those opportunities? Why am I involved in so many things? The answer: because I say, “Yes!”

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TNR: Private Practice & Academia

19 April 2023

In this session, our panelists addressed the big questions of: "How do I choose between private practice and academia?" and "How do I advance in my career?".

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Dao Gray Zone RT

My Life in the Gray Zone

19 April 2023

For someone who grew up in a family of engineers, where logic and definitive answers were absolute, I live comfortably in the gray zone of uncertainty.  

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Legal contract terms conditions

Doctor’s Contracts: Pitfalls and Traps

13 April 2023

I have signed a few employment contracts in my career. Signing a legal document always makes me nervous. Did I forget to add something, was there something in the fine print I missed, should I have clarified a clause, what happens if I break a clause or cannot fulfill the contract obligations? I spoke with Andrea Liberatore, JD, to navigate these questions and explain what to look for in a contract. 

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XX Factor Women in Rheumatology

The Origin Story of RheumNow’s Campaign: Women in Rheumatology--The XX Factor

Origin stories have captivated me ever since my childhood spent reading Greek Mythology and Marvel comic books. Superheroes have different powers and personalities.

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Malar,rash,SLE, Lupus

Best of 2022: Emerging Therapeutics for Lupus

29 December 2022

Impressive data on novel treatment for SLE were presented at the EULAR22 Congress. A disease that is difficult to study due to its pleomorphic presentation, unpredictable disease course, and high mortality rates, SLE is considered the dragon of all autoimmune diseases. Here are highlights of four exciting abstracts presented at the meeting with emerging therapeutics designed to slay the beast. 

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Best of 2022: Freeze Tag

28 December 2022

A beloved childhood game I enjoyed was Freeze Tag. Players would run to avoid being tagged by the person who was “It”.  If you were tagged, you had to “freeze” in your spot until someone was brave enough to come un-tag you.  The game ends when everyone is frozen or if people quit. For over 2 years, I have been living in a real-life “Freeze Tag” game and able to dodge COVID19, until now. Sitting in my room symptomatic and frozen in isolation, I ruminated about my patients who had COVID19 and their experiences. I wanted to share with you three stories of three variants.

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Hands caring bond

Best of 2022: The Sacred Bond

21 December 2022

Patients and their family for years have been inviting me to their dinners, picnics, baptisms, anniversaries, and funerals. I always felt somewhat awkward when asked to participate in a patient’s life outside of my office or the hospital setting and usually will decline politely. I tell myself I should not blur the lines between patient care and friendship. I broke this rule recently.

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ACR meeting education

More Than a Conference: Life’s Lessons

16 November 2022

Conferences are held for the purposes of sharing ideas, developing new relationships, and collaborating on future research. The American College of Rheumatology (ACR) Convergence 2022 meeting embodies all these ideals by offering both in-person and virtual attendance options.

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