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RA/Inflammatory arthritis

EULAR 2020 Roundup
In this week's podcast, Drs. Artie Kavanaugh and Jack Cush present highlights from the virtual EULAR2020 meeting held June 3-6, 2020. Featured reports include: SELECT-CHOICE study. ABA vs. UPA in…
Muscles and Tendons in RA

Dr. David Liew from EULAR2020 Virtual Conference RA beyond the joints

- Tenosynovitis as a predictor, MRI and muscle changes in RA

Autoinflammatory/Still's Disease Panel - EULAR2020

Drs. Olga Petryna, Petros Efthimiou, Apostolos Kontzias and Jack Cush discuss autoinflammatory highlights from the Virtual EULAR 2020 meeting June 3-6

These were my top abstracts from Thursday, 4th of June at EULAR 2020: Long Delays in Denosumab Increase Fracture Risk (SAT0453).  A UK population based study looked at risk of fracture in adults…
These were my top abstracts from Thursday, 4th of June at EULAR 2020: Voclosporin Effective in Lupus Nephritis (OP0277). Voclosporin is a calcineurin inhibitor that has performed well in an earlier…
Every time a big scientific meeting ends I ask myself a question: how is it going to affect the way I treat my patients? This year the question pertains to management of axial spondyloarthropathies…
Here is my top-five from day one at EULAR: Merkel PA, et al. (OP0011) Avacopan as effective as steroids in ANCA Associated Vasculitis (AAV) – 330 patient RCT where AAV was treated with either with…
SELECT-Choice: UPA vs ABA in RA

Dr. Jack Cush from EULAR2020 Virtual Conference


Updated EULAR Recommendations for RA Management

Dr. Kathryn Dao from EULAR2020 Virtual Conference