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TNF inhibitor

Rheumatology Round-Up with Drs. Kavanaugh & Cush

The Annual Review of Best ACR 2020 abstracts featuring Drs. Cush and Kavanaugh filmed on the last day of Virtual ACR 2020 Nov. 9, 2020.

COVID: DMARDs, Steroids, a Vaccine - and how long will this continue? Dr. Winthrop Discusses

Dr. Kevin Winthrop reviews all things COVID-related including abstract L01, steroids and DMARDs, vaccination status - and how long this pandemic will last. 

The axSpa diagnosis, imaging and treatments: Dr. Lianne Gensler

Dr. Lianne Gensler reviews several SpA abstracts and a session on MRI presented at the 2020 ACR annual meeting. Abstracts reviews: abstract #1883, #2014, #L11 and #2022


Psoriatic Disease: Dr. Lianne Gensler


Dr. Lianne Gensler reviews Abstracts #0504, #0505, #0506, #0507 regarding psoriatic arthritis presented Friday at the ACR 2020 annual meeting.

Dr. Vibeke Strand previews ACR 2020 highlights, including The Great Debate

Dr. Vibeke Strand discusses opening day at ACR 2020, sessions she's looking forward, and provides a sneak peek into The Great Debate.